Make it Monday: White Ornaments

By Sherrie Ragsdale:

Ornaments make such a great surface to craft on during the holidays. You can get as creative as you would like, and create vibrant color schemes on them. Take these white ornaments that were designed by a Plaid designer, Sherrie Ragsdale. These three ornaments all have colors in common, but are still different in design. Use these ornaments to decorate your tree with, or use them as a table decor.

Plaid Supplies:

662 Folkart Metallic Sterling Silver

901 Folkart Acrylic Wicker White

2787 Folkart Extreme Glitter Silver

2790 Folkart Extreme Glitter Turquoise

50147 Plaid Dauber Set

Other Supplies:

White Glass ornaments, 1/4″ Masking Tape, Turquoise Ribbon, and Silver Ribbon


1.  Make Dots with 5/8 dauber with the metallic silver sterling. After they dry go back over with the silver extreme glitter.

2.  Tape off the stripes with the 1/4″ masking tape.

3.  Add turquoise extreme glitter to every other stripe using the dauber. Remove tape.

4.  Add silver dots with the end of a paint brush. Allow to dry and then go over with the silver extreme glitter.

5.  Paint a silver stripe around the center. Once dry add silver extreme glitter.

6.  Using dauber paint over silver glitter with wicker white.

7.  Go over white with turquoise glitter and then remove tape.

8.  Tie turquoise ribbon for hanging and a silver bow for the front of ornament.


One Comment to “Make it Monday: White Ornaments”

  1. Very nice, ty for sharing….

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