Teaching Thursdays: Santa Hat Topiaries

By Sherrie Ragsdale:

Looking for an inexpensive Christmas table centerpiece? Well here is a great project to create. These Santa Hat Topiaries are a great holiday decor to add anywhere in your home. This project was created by our designer, Sherrie Ragsdale. Majority of the supplies used for this craft can be found at your local dollar store. See below all the supplies needed, and the step by step instructions to follow. So cute and so amazing!

Plaid Supplies:

4001 Folkart Enamel Wicker White

4133 Folkart Enamel Lipstick Red

901 Folkart Acrylic Wicker White

437 Folkart Acrylic Lipstick Red

4405 Folkart Fabric Engine red

28821 Plaid circle 8×10 circle stencil

30464 Plaid Peel and Stick Painting Blank Stencil

30666 Plaid Peel and Stick Painting Stencil

Plaid Dauber Set

Other Supplies:

Three glass vases, Three santa hats, Three 1/2 inch x 12 inches dowel, Two 3-7/8in x 8-7/8in, One 4-7/8in x 12-7/8in, Quilt Batting, Polyfil, Candy Canes, Scrap pieces of Styrofoam, Pencil, Ruler, Hot glue, Sewing Machine, Scissors, 1/4″ masking tape, Craft Knife


1.  Using the circle stencil, cut out a circle from the adhesive stencil sheet with a craft knife for each vase.

2.  Place in the center of the glass vases.

3.  Using the 5/8″ dauber, paint the circle with the enamel lipstick red.

4.  Remove the circle stencil.

5.  Stencil “HO” on each of the vases in the center of the red circle.

6.  Fill in the letters where the line is broken with a liner brush.

7.  Base-coat the dowels with wicker white.

8.  Wrap the 1/4″ masking tape around the dowels as shown in photo.

9.  Using the dauber, paint the dowels with acrylic lipstick red.

10.  Remove the tape.

11.  Cut the trim off hat.

12.  Measure the topiaries and the sew the sides of the hat to fit snug around the cones.  You can also hot glue it.

13.  Trim the excess fabric.

14.  Cut the trim and open up flat.

15.  Measure the cones and cut a piece of quilt batting to wrap around cone.  Hot glue in place.

16.  Using the circle stencil make large circles using Folkart fabric red lipstick on the center hat and smaller dots on the smaller hat.  Hot glue white trim and cut.

17.  Cut the a piece of styrofoam from scraps and glue to the bottom with hot glue.

18.  Stick dowels into the bottoms of cones.

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