A Personalized Christmas Ornament

By: Sherrie Ragsdale


FA Metallics: 676 Metallic Inca Gold, 657 Metallic Regal Red

FA Extreme Glitters: 2792 Red, 2786 Gold, 2796 Hologram

FA Acrylic Paints: 2578 New Leaf Green, 2553 Lime Green

Other Supplies: Large Red Glass ornament, Printer, 1/4″ Gold Ribbon, 5/8″ dauber, 1/4″ dauber, Liner brush


1.  Purchase a red glass ornament.

2.  Add red extreme glitter to the glass ornament using the 5/8″ dauber.

3.  Outline a lime green circle with the liner brush.

4.  Using the 1/4″ dauber, add lime green dots on top of the line.

5.  Add two more rows of dots.

6.  Print a letter from the computer and transfer it onto the center of the ball. Paint with the inca gold and then add extreme glitter once it dries.

7.  Add hologram extreme glitter to the wreath.

8.  Add Metallic regal red berries using the end of the liner brush.

9.  Add red extreme glitter to the berries.

10.  Add a gold bow to the wreath.

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