All About Plaid Week

2012 is a new year and we here at Plaid would like to start of fresh. We would like to introduce you to our brands. You might be new to crafting, and a new reader of Paint Me Plaid. Or perhaps you have been crafting for awhile, but may not be aware of all the brands that are under the Plaid umbrella. Throughout the month of January we will show off one of our brands, give you a little history about it, and some project ideas. We look forward to giving you more information, so you can know more about us and all our wonderful craft brands. Remember to check back here daily to learn more about all the brands apart of the Plaid family.

2 Comments to “All About Plaid Week”

  1. I’m a big Plaid fan and think this idea is a great one! I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Cool! I’ve been reading for awhile and am a big Plaid fan, but I fall into the category of ‘not aware of all the brands under the Plaid umbrella.’

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