FolkArt Enamel Paint Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time again folks and this week we are giving away some product from Plaid’s FolkArt brand. 1 lucky Paint Me Plaid reader will win an assortment of 6 FolkArt Enamel paint colors, and a Spouncer Value Pack. FolkArt ยฎ Enamels are truly an artist’s dream come true! These revolutionary paints are highly pigmented and go on rich and creamy in just one stepโ€”no prep needed! Great for glass, enamel, tin and other surfaces. These products would go perfect for an upcoming Valentine’s craft project. Use them to paint wine glasses, flower vases, or glass plates. We will announce the winner on Paint Me Plaid on Friday (Jan.13), in the afternoon.

An assortment of FolkArt Enamel Paint

Spouncer Value Pack

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use these products to create? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway

Become a follower of our on Twitter

Check out our sister blog, Plaid Kidโ€™s Crafts, and let us know a project you find there that you think is cool

The contest will end Friday January 13th, 2012 at 12 noon EST.

208 Responses to “FolkArt Enamel Paint Giveaway!”

  1. Just a lot more jewellery! Especially earrings out of recycled, painted stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I follow Plaid on Twitter

  3. I like you on facebook

  4. I would love those paints for painting candle votives!

  5. I have been doing artwork on the petals of my kusudama flowers and also tingling the edges of the petals. This would work for sure.

  6. I totally forgot to mention in my first post…I’m a big Donna Dewberry fan. My MIL learned her techniques and is a fantastic artist. I have the D.D. brushes, videos, and a few instructional books—now with some paint, I’ll be all set to be on my way to painting side by side with my MIL. Especially with the winter months settling in, crafting with all mediums becomes a big part of my life so that I can survive the winter blues. Like I said earlier, I really want to focus on painting all of my repurposed items that I’m using to organize myself (2 birds; 1 stone. YAY!)

  7. I would like to use them on an old window.

  8. I want to paint everything now!!! heehee

  9. like u of fb

  10. I’d try painting on glass ornaments.

  11. I would use them to create some beautiful Valentine Day hearts on clear glass dishes…these would work great on my Primitive projects as well…starting on a old time looking wheel-barrel and what better paints than the Folk Art! I also would use to paint some neat looking Easter eggs on glass…prob. glass in a picture…always wanted to paint on glass like that and make a framed piece on glass! So excited and hope I win and good luck to all! โค Plaid

  12. I have been working on painting glass recently, and I would love to use these paints on the new greenhouse I have just finished building

  13. I would love to win these as I have never painted on glass or enamel.
    . I like to try new things.

  14. I follow Plaid Crafts on Twitter! @rkosully

  15. I would decorate a dollhouse for my daughter! Thank you!!

  16. I like Plaid on Facebook

  17. I would love to get some glass tumblers and a pitcher and decorate them to match for my new kitchen!

  18. I would make some Christmas ornaments with your paints! I follow on Twitter!

  19. I would love to use them to try and create some fun display pieces for serving desserts!

  20. My son and I tried making the New Years Party Flashlights from the Kids Blog. He loves it and uses it as a magic wand!

  21. I follow Plaid Crafts on Twitter

  22. I like Plaid Crafts of Facebook

  23. I can’t wait to try out the paints with my three year old son! We do crafting projects everyday and he LOVES to paint!

  24. I like you on Facebook:)

  25. I need to buy more Folkart enamel paint. I use it to paint glassware for gifts and my supply is low. It would be fantastic to win this giveaway. Thank you.

  26. I would use the paints (if I win) to create beautiful designs on glassware. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I hope I win!!!

  27. I have already been using some of those paints to paint my kids indoor playhouse…and am running out! Need them right away! I already like Plaid on FB.

  28. I would finish painting the eaves of my children’s indoor playhouse with those paints. I already like Plaid on FB.

  29. I have plain white dishes … I want to spice them up so they are more worthy of my fabulous cooking :)!

  30. I visited you sister site and there are so many fun projects to choose from!
    The decorated clothes pins really caught my eye!

    Thanks for the chance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Liked you on Facebook!
    I also posted a project I did there that I used some of your paint on but it vanished. ;(
    You can see it on my blog here…
    Crossing my fingers and toes to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Would love to try some newer colors for glassware!

  33. I have painted so many items with these paints….glass Christmas ornaments, vases, glasses and ceramic/porcelian tea sets. Would love to have a new supply of paints!

  34. I have a long list of projects to complete and I could always use more paint. I LOVE your paint and so do my kids! We made salt clay magnets for Christmas presents. We cut shapes from cookie cutters, added finishing touches, and baked them. Then we painted them and coated them in Mod Podge and glued magnets to the backs. Everyone loved them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I love the Sweet Heart Valentine’s Art! I think I may do something similar with my 4 year old daughter. She’ll love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I follow Plaid on Twitter

  37. I’m supposed to be painting a window.
    Its in 4 sections.
    A different scene in each one…..
    an old barn…
    a windmill….
    a water pump
    and an old tractor.

  38. I would like to reuse/recycle some left over gift boxes and various other reusable items for every day things (Boxes for memory boxes, to help with organizing, decorating, vases, etc.) Truly, with a little paint, the projects are truly endless!

  39. I really enjoy using the enamel paints. I just wish there was a liner Available. My students have a hard time using a small brush to write or outline. Is it possible to use other brands together if the cure at different temp.?

  40. I want to decorate some canning jars for gifts

  41. I would paint a set of wine glasses for my daughter-in-law’s birthday present.

  42. I would use the folk art enamel paint to paint designs on some plain glass containers I have!

  43. I am in the mood to paint anything that is standing still!

  44. I’m in the mood to paint anything that stands still long enough!

  45. Would love to win!!!

  46. I follow PlaidCrafts on Twitter

  47. I like Plaid on Facebook

  48. I want to paint three little vases that i bought awhile ago. And i would love to make my own enamel flower brooches

  49. I would love to try and paint mugs and some other glass projects for my craftroom.

  50. These paints would be perfect to decorate an old metal desk that my daughter wants to remodel.

  51. I am beginning to recycle a few odds and ends around the house, some mixed media pieces I think, I have a lot of STUFF, as it’s called and need to do something with before everything gets thrown away, or mysteriously disappears.

  52. Hi, great product! I would use it for my girls’ Teachers Valentine’s project, paint something to put their desk supplies with a sentiment.

  53. I love these paints!! Use them frequently. Found a microwave plate….going to sponge the back for the background, then turn over and paint something beautiful on the front.

  54. hi i want to add some fun paintigs to my craft room walls!

  55. I would use them on handmade candles. I saw some handmade candles in Japan that had been handpainted always wished I had boughten some.

  56. I would like to try to paint on some of the beveled glass panels I got from my stained glass store.

  57. i want this soooooooooooooooooooooooo badly

  58. I painted wine glasses and wall sconces with Folk Art Enamel for Christmas presents. Found this product to be the best!! Will be doing lots more โค

  59. I’d use them for my classroom materials to label containers.

  60. Glass candlesticks! That’s the one I want to try!

  61. I use Folk Art Paint on almost everything…From wood crafts to changing something plain to something fanstatic…Very additive. I have even painted little qoutes on walls with Folk Art Paint…So glad it was invented

  62. and for entry #4, i’m following you on twitter!

  63. for my third entry, should i win these fabulous paints, i’d do a little combo project with mod podge and the paints… i’ve got a ton of old doilies that need a new life. i’m thinking i could decoupage those onto the reverse of some serving dishes and then embellish with the paints… um, yes. done! win or not, that’s the plan!

  64. and i looked over at plaid kids crafts… i think i’m inspired by the egg topiaries and the christmas tree cones… i’m thinking some sort of egg tree might be in order for easter 2012! thanks for the ideas!

  65. i liked you on fb!

  66. Since the giveaway will be on the 13th, that is my birthday. What a wonderful birthday gift that would make to myself. I would create some Valentine’s Gifts for my ladies at my church. Thanks

  67. Could use in my senior paint classes! Thanks Plaid!

  68. I would love to use these paints for painting candle stands & holders!!!

  69. I would use the paint for some valentines and easter projects. Im painting some heart frames & some nesting trays w/ decoupage too

  70. I like plaid on facebook!

  71. I would make the easy decorative clothes pins from the plaid kids crafts site. They look so fun!

  72. I would use the paint to paint wooden beads and make a necklace!

  73. I love doing this for teacher gifts!!!! and my instructor has showed us so much we can do with Plaid Folkart Enamels!! Would love to have a chance to win some paint!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Oh man! I can so see us making that party flashlight with the grandkids!!

  75. At first I thought, “why would I need another paint?” And then I saw them and thought, “I want them!!” These would be great to use with the grandkids — they could make gifts for their Moms!

  76. I’ve posted already, but thought it couldn’t hurt to do it one more time. As I posted before, I have some tins that could use some makeovers. Would love to win some of these paints, and the pouncers, to do just that.

  77. I don’t know what I would do with them first, but I would have the ideas pouring in once I got them in the craft room.

  78. I would love to win this giveaway to use on some Valentine’s Day gifts!

  79. I teach crafting classes and I would use these for painted wine glass classes!

  80. I would paint some vases I have for Valentine’s Day gifts !

  81. I need to do some lady bug wine glasses and the pouncers would make it soooooo much faster!!

  82. I teach painting to seniors and they love to paint on glasses. We use Enamels when possible to paint our “TATA Glasses” – it’s a not for profit class.

  83. I want to paint vases for Valentine’s Day, as well as wine glass sets for wedding presents (which are always so appreciated)!

  84. I love to use the enamel paints to do wine glass sets for weddings. They are more special than just plain old glass sets from the mall, and are always appreciated!

  85. I would like to a set of wine glasses for a wedding gift. Love to give these as wedding gifts because they come out so well with the enamel paints, and being it is hand painted, is always appreciated more than just a glassware set from the mall!

  86. I paint dog and cat wine glasses using Folkart enamel paints.

  87. Love Plaid Products! I will definitely do a Mod Podge project with my 4 year old granddaughter! What fun! I have been a follower on Facebook and now the Blog as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. I would use the spongers to make polka dots on some more whimsical crafts.

  89. My daughter’s birthday party is coming up. Will be getting each girls initials so they can create their own design and have a party favor they made themselves!

  90. painting wine glasses!

  91. I’ve been waiting to try and paint wine glasses for gifts!

  92. I would love to try painting on ceramic tiles!

  93. I like Plaid on FB!!

  94. I love the clothespins on Kids Crafts that they are posting today. So cute!

  95. I follow you on Twitter @ShawnaLeeG

  96. I need some Art work for my walls. These would be great

  97. Love to paint. I will try to paint anything I feel like.

  98. I have some wood plaques I need to paint. And i’ve been dying to do
    a a couple paintings! I love pl
    aid..its all I’ve ever use!

  99. I would love to try using these to decorate some ceramic tile. ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. I would try out all the new colors!

  101. I would let my studentsearn to paint on glass.

  102. The Spouncer Value Pack I would like to have to make poke a dots on glasses ..

  103. I would like to try the paint on glasses for my dinner table for Easter …

  104. I would paint herbs on mason jars & store dry herbs in them. I am already a liker & am now a follower

  105. I love the Kids Crafts container with chalkboard labels–great idea that can be used on any shape container.

  106. I love the trifle dish~! That would be a great wedding present!

  107. I use the Enamel paints often, on Pocket calendars, phone carry bags, wine glasses.

  108. I have just recently been attracted to video tutorials on glass painting and since I live 200 miles from the nearest dealer winning this giveaway would be a “Godsend” for me. I am very anxious to try my hand at this new outlet and this would be a good way to test the waters before making the major investment! (When I start something new, I go all or nothing, I have to have all colors and accessories)
    Thanks for including me!

  109. I like the altered clothespins from the Kid’s Plaid Crafts Blog!

  110. I am a fan on Facebook!

  111. I like plaid on Facebook

  112. I would use it to make boxes for gifts

  113. We are about to finish our craft room and my 2 girls (7 & 9) are ready to paint and create with momma!!!

  114. Apart from painting my fishtank, I will paint glass decorations for childrens rooms, mirrors, lamps, glass doors, glass paintings.. plenty of things to do out there!!

  115. The uses would be unlimited. Paint on dishes, glasses, vases, windows, jewelry, etc. Thanks.

  116. The uses would be unlimited. Dishes, jewelry, windows, mirrors, glasses, vases, etc. Thanks.

  117. I would paint dishes. Mine are shock-proof, unbreakable, and I don’t like them and cannot throw away them! The painting should help ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. I am thinking for buying some enamel paint to make custom jewelry…this would be perfect…thanks

  119. Waoo..Love it..I would love to design & decorate some large sized mirrors with these enamel paints,,plz pick me :)haha..Love Plaid ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. I like the Chalkboard Canisters on your sister’s blog.


  121. I would like to use them on glass jars.


  122. The possibilities are endless, mirrors, canning jars, repurposed jars,…

  123. Love these paints!!!!! Since learning to do One Stroke Painting, Folk Art Paints are all I use for any project. The Enamel paints are great on glass and can’t wait to use them for a Valentine Plate.



  126. I have an almost finished tater & onion bin that is rather plain looking and could use some nice decorative touches. ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. to start, i have a mirror i’d like to put a border on.

  128. I will be moving into an apartment soon where decorating is limited and I would love to add some accessories to the kitchen and a much needed craft room!!!

  129. I have loads of things to use Enamels on. I’ve been gathering thrift store goodies that need some updating!

  130. I would love to learn to paint on glass – what better way than with some free paints!?!

  131. I have some naked glass just screaming for this paint!

  132. I took a workshop to learn how to make a terrarium. Now I want to add some embellishments to the jar I used. These paints would look grand.

  133. I like PLAID on FB!!

  134. I would use it for some Mothers Day projects!!

  135. I use FolkArt Enamels to paint on glass and ceramic tiles. I could use some new colors! I’m starting to use more stencils in my projects so the spouncers would be really handy to have.

  136. I would love to have a NEW set. Used my old set lots! I need to do some place settings for Mardi Gra here in Louisiana!!

  137. I have used the Enamels paints since they came out. I have painted glasses, metal items and even perfume bottles with this paint and love it. I would use this paint to get some items painted up for next year’s craft shows.

  138. I’m ready. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at glass.

  139. I would love to try these products to create a special occasion or birthday dish.

  140. I like Plaid on Facebook

  141. I would use these paints to decorate the top of some storage tins.

  142. A wooden tray that been waiting for me to find the right color for it!

  143. Dollar Tree has some pretty vases that would be fun to decorate for Spring.

  144. I’m a follower on Twitter

  145. I would really like to win this paint.

  146. I would make some easter decorations.

  147. Follow on Facebook and would love to have the paint to use on Valentine heart that I’m making …

  148. So cool I would love to try this! Thanks for the offer. I already like you on FB and the kids site is awesome! We will def. be doing that box heart with stamps.. love ths tissue paper idea too. Thanks

  149. would love to paint some jars, bowls to match a room. These would also be great for my scrapbooking room and albums. I think they would look great on acrylic books and pages!!

  150. Following on Twitter under: @debpaint16

  151. AAF on FB!!

  152. I like the idea of painting on wine glasses & other glass items!!! I would definitely want to try that!!!

  153. I would use these paints to create some fun and personalied Valentines gifts!!

  154. I follow on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. I like Plaid Crafts on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. I would really like to make personalized wine glasses for family members ๐Ÿ˜‰

  157. I need to decorate my computer monitor as I spend most of my time looking at it.

  158. I have several metal pots and vases that really need sprucing up and this paint would be just the ticket. Love Plaid products

  159. “Paint me up and call me entered.”

  160. My favorite project on the Kids Craft Blog is the Gallery Glass Whimsical Butterfly Cling, those are super adorable, and would be so much fun to do with kids!

  161. I follow Plaid on Twitter @wackywhimsy

  162. I have a footed cake plate that is dying to be polka dotted! I would love to win!

  163. I would use the FolkArt Enamel paint to paint a trifle dish. For Valentine’s, I would put a strawberry trifle in the dish. For St. Patrick’s day, I would do a layered key lime dessert in the dish; for Easter, a lemony yellow pudding, etc. It could even be used as a salad bowl for layered or fruit salads.

    For the design I would do a scroll work pattern with metallic accents which would have a luster that would enhance any food placed in the bowl. I would make the design very free and loose so that it would complement traditional china or modern china. Thus, I could have a beautiful decorative piece to use for entertaining and family meals throughout the year.

  164. I have some beautiful glassware I would like to paint!!

  165. The possibilities are endless…wine glasses, cake plates, Christmas ornaments, jewelry…I could go on, but you get the idea!

  166. I don’t think my first reply posted, which is lucky because I wanted to add that I just love the Chalkboard Canister Set on Plaid Kid’s Crafts. There are so many other Plaid projects I would love to try, particularly with the Enamels. My mothers birthday is coming up in February and I would love to paint a plate and coffee mug for her birthday. Addition, I would love to use the enamels on mirror for my brand new baby granddaughter’s room. I could on but then my post would take up too much room.

    Good luck to everyone entering…

  167. Wow, I love Plaid. The only paint I ever purchase is Plaid and I have been using Mod Podge forever. There are so many crafts I would love to try the enamels on. For example, I have been wanting to try to paint on dishes and coffee mugs and would love to make some to give as gifts for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and my mother’s birthday in February. I would also love to use the Enamels to do some decorative painting on a mirror for my brand new granddaughter. I could go on forever when it comes to what I would do with Plaid Enamels.

    Good luck everyone!!! Whoever wins will surely enjoy using them…

  168. I have a couple of projects I could sure use these paints on! Projects for my grandkids that I have been creating lately for their rooms and an idea for a dorm room project for my oldest that came to me!! I love the Plaid site(s) for great project ideas and they get my thought processes going!!! Thanks Plaid!!!! Paint me Plaid!!!

  169. Need these paints to paint containers for reusing for Valentine candy. Thanks for the chance.

  170. Plaid products are very versatile! They are working great on some vinyl bracelets I’ve been working on since they cure well in the oven! Plaid has always been my go to for anything because the paints have a very creamy texture and last a long time!

  171. I’m always looking for new ideas and materials to teach kids about Art!

  172. I am a facebook follower…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  173. I have some glass easter baskets I wanna be working on… and wouldn’t a heart be so pretty with this paint… my ideas are endless…with the paint left over I would check out your blog for some fun new crafts…you have given me all I need to create with this giveaway….Thanks for the chance…

  174. I love using Folk Art Enamel paint and will soon begin painting champagne glasses for my daughter’s wedding this fall. Winning the paint and pouncers would be fantastic and timely!

  175. I am a Mixed Media Artist and I like to create a Mixed Media project with stamps, paper and other materials.

  176. I would use these products to do some decorative painting on several items I have to use.

  177. I follow on Twitter. I love the hearts and mod podge crafting item…I was given some empty (sigh) heart shaped candy boxes that would be perfect for crafting and giving!!

  178. I would love to try these paints on two glass canisters that I have been pushing around for some time now. This application could give them a nice spot on the shelf.

  179. I have two canisters that I think would look great. These products could be the ones to just do the trick. Thanks!

  180. i would like to paint some decorative plates for easter!

  181. Definitely use these to paint some wine glasses and maybe coasters.

  182. I like the tissue paper vase and the picture frames!!! =) Cute ideas!

  183. I would love to paint my own glasses, dishes, mugs.. How fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ These would be wonderful to use on all my upcoming projects.

  184. I would love to make some really neat glasses!!! =)

  185. I like you on FB!!!!

  186. I love Folk Art Enamel Paints. They can be used for so much more than glass; excellent on paper and cards, great for yearly planners, accademic calendars for students, candles etc. Gift bags look amazing when you paint something special on them with FA enamels because they have a great shine. Would love to win this package.

  187. I love the tissue paper Valentine vase on the plaid kid’s craft site!

  188. I liked Plaid on FB!

  189. I have wanted to try painting glass bottles and vases! This would be great! Thanks!!!

  190. I would love to paint some items for my grandchildern, they have names that aren’t easily found and I would love to personalize some things for them. I know the FolkArt Enamels are great products! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  191. I paint on anything and EVERYTHING that has a glass surface! My entire craft room revolves around Enamel Paint! I would absolutely LOVE to win FolkArt Enamel Paint!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. Now, the pouncers will be great for applying those paints, I’m sure.

  193. I have some old tin water pitchers and pails I could use these paints on … giving them an “old timey” look…

  194. I have some wine bottles that need vines and flowers painted on them before I put those little lights inside. These paints are perfect for that!!

  195. I paint lots of glassware for gifts. The holidays have depleted my supply and a free replenishment would be most welcome!

  196. I would love these to paint some coffee mugs, that are going to be Valentine’s Day gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  197. I have wanted to try painting some dishes forever! These would be perfect ๐Ÿ™‚


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