Meet Apple Barrel

So we are extending our all about Plaid week, and will be continuing this blog series for about a month. Every week we will highlight for you a brand that is under the Plaid umbrella. This week meet, Apple Barrel. Apple Barrel make family crafting fun. Apple Barrel® Colors are crafters’ choice for projects large and small. Made from the purest ingredients, Apple Barrel Colors provide premium performance on wood, Styrofoam, paper mache, tin, terra cotta, plaster and any porous surface. It comes in a rainbow of clean colors in traditional matte finish and gloss that’s great for outdoor projects, too. Moms love it for kids’ projects, thanks to its non-toxic, waterbase formula–soap and water clean-up is a breeze. To see projects, and view the entire Apple Barrel inventory click here. Also to see more kid friendly project using Apple Barrel paints, check out our sister blog Plaid Kid’s Crafts.

One Comment to “Meet Apple Barrel”

  1. where can I find how to make the little stockings from the e-mail of Jan. 16th? These are adorable. Are they in the kids crafts, I really could not find them. Thank you

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