Tuesday Huesday: Pretty in Pink and Purple

I often times wonder who likes Valentine’s Day more? Kids or adults? I am leaning more toward kids, because they have less pressure on this day of love than us adults. They look forward to more simple gifts such as candy, and cards. They are excited by these little things. But what if a child was really into this day of love, and wanted to decorate their room? I stumbled across this bedroom, and immediately thought that this is the perfect example of what a little girl’s room would look like if she was given the chance to decorate it on her own. This bedroom is so precious. If I was once again a little girl, I would love the chance to have my bedroom look like this. Use this image as inspiration to get some decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day. As you can see, there is very little red used throughout. The main colors are pink and purple. Red is known and used as the traditional main color for Valentine’s Day, however many prefer to use more pinks and purple hues. What is your favorite color to wear or decorate in for this day of love?

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: # 518 Peony, # 413 Pink, # 480 Titanium White, and # 633 Baby Pink.


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