Teaching Thursdays: Valentine Box

Looking for a more advanced Valentine’s Day craft to create? Try this Valentine Box. It’s a great project for an intermediate level painter. Gather the supplies listed below, and follow along with the instructions. This box is not only a great craft to create, it is practical as well. It serves as a storage container for all your Valentine’s Day goodies. Store your cards, and candies inside. This box would also be a great gift to give. Use the box as the perfect place to conceal a gift inside for the one you love.

PLAID Supplies

  • FolkArt ® Shiny™ Acrylic Paint – Wicker White, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Shiny™ Acrylic Paint – Sugar Plum, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Shiny™ Acrylic Paint – Violet Pansy, 2 oz.

Other Supplies

Wooden box with handle, #12 flat brush, #1 liner brush, White craft glue, Heart buttons, String of hot pink sequins, Small dowel – 1½” tall, and Wood heart cut-out


  1. Paint sides of handle and outside of box Wicker White.
  2. Paint inside of box and feet Sugar Plum.
  3. Paint box trim and top of handle Violet Pansy.
  4. Paint random small hearts all over box using Sugar Plum.
  5. Paint small wood heart Violet Pansy; Paint dowel Sugar Plum
  6. Paint LOVE on heart. Glue onto dowel.
  7. Glue sequins around edge of wood heart using white craft glue. Puncture a small hole on rim of box. Glue dowel into hole.
  8. Glue a row of sequins around bottom band of box. Glue 2 rows of sequins around top of box.
  9. Glue heart buttons over screw heads on sides of handle.
  10. Glue heart buttons randomly between painted hearts on box.
  11. Optional: Use liner brush to paint words on painted Sugar Plum hearts using Violet Pansy such as: KISS ME, U R CUTE, BE MINE, HOT LIPS, HOTTIE, etc.
  12. Optional: Using liner brush and thinned Wicker White, paint “Valentines” on center of top band on box front.

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