Martha Stewart Paint Giveaway

Another week, another giveaway! Hooray 🙂 It’s giveaway time again on Paint Me Plaid. This week we are giving away some product from Plaid’s Martha Stewart paint line. 1 lucky Paint Me Plaid reader will win an assortment of Martha Stewart paints (5 paints colors total). We will announce the winner on Paint Me Plaid on Friday (Feb. 3), in the afternoon.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use these products to create? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Become a follower of ours on Twitter

Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway

Check out our sister blog, Plaid Kid’s Crafts, and let us know a project you find there that you think is cool

The contest will end Friday February 3rd, 2012 at 12 noon EST.



118 Comments to “Martha Stewart Paint Giveaway”

  1. I’d use these paints to create sunny motives to brighten up these wintery times. Floral motives, shining abstracts, all to bring a bit more light to the day and into my home.

    (I’ve already liked Plaid on FB).

  2. I would love to use it to stencil on glass like I’ve seen recently in Martha Stewart living mag!
    Never tried that before!

  3. I would use these with my new Martha adhesive stencil I just bought!! 🙂

  4. I would LOVE to try these!!! I have been repurposing old furniture pieces, frames, you name it! It’s all about breathing new life into something old…..

  5. I would use these with my grandchildren to paint saltdough ornaments that we are making for each holiday so that we can leave their tinsel trees they each got for Christmas up year round!

  6. I already ‘like’ Plaid on Facebook and I’ve left a comment there 🙂

  7. I’m a follower on Twitter! I’m @CreativArtitude

  8. I’d use the paints for multiple projects – to paint a small wooden cabinet for an altered art project and to use in art journaling!

  9. I would work on adding some fun decor to my daughters’ rooms!

  10. I liked on FB as sarah linette
    soluckyducky AT gmail DOT com

  11. For a stencil project on the stairs!
    soluckyducky AT gmail DOT com

  12. I would use these to update the collection of paint I currently own.

  13. I would use these fabulous looking paints in my art journal or on art canvases to create mixed media backgrounds

  14. working on a frame wall, would use the paints to paint frames.

  15. I would use these on the Jewellery i have started making with freehand designs on them!

  16. I follow plaid on Twitter.

  17. I have like plaid on fb for awhile now

  18. I would paint valentines for my family

  19. I can use all the paints I can get !!! Teaching my grandkids to paint ! lol

  20. Tissue Paper Valentine Vase is soooooo cute at Plaid Kids!! Me my 3 princesses love to work w/ tissue paper!

  21. Follow on Twitter

  22. already LIKE on FB

  23. I am having my 1st Ladies Craft Together Club nxt month and these would be perfect Spring color to start our Beautiful creations!!!

  24. Just painted Hello kitty for my daughter and now my son wants lego star wars so more paint the better. Plus i see a great gold for C3PO =D

  25. I have a 2 yr old granddaughter that is ready for a table to have tea parties at. I’m looking forward to painting the table and chairs with bright colors, flowers, butterflies and ladybugs.

  26. I have several pieces of wood that are already cut into shapes that I don’t know what they may have been, (found them in my father’s garage under some other vintage crafty stuff) These would be perfect to paint these shapes to look like flowers. I even have one that reminds me of an octopus shape, which I would like to try to paint and turn into a cool wall hanging.

  27. Spring is here! Time to paint bunnies!

  28. I visited Plaid Kid’s Crafts and love the Monday Funday: Monkey Love Card post. Such fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. ….. I LOVE ANYTHING Martha makes and I’m sure it’s high quality like all of her products!!!! I have SO many of her products my hubby says I should buy stock in her company!!!!

  30. I like Plaid Crafts on Facebook and left a comment under your post! (Robin O’Sullivan) Thanks!!

  31. I would use the paints to decorate birdhouses! Thanks!!

  32. I love the little monkey card!! super cute!

  33. I am already your friend on facebook,I would add them to my plaid paint collection, and use them to maek scrapbooking and mixed media pages! thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I already like Plaid on fb. I would love to try these out in my art journal and making some mail art.

  35. I would renew my tablewear set with these paints.

  36. I would use them to start off my craft business plus to paint some shadow boxes for my boys..

  37. I would use them in my art journal or to make wall art to match my quillts

  38. i would love to try your paints on an old glass window or a saw.

  39. I would use the Martha Stewart paints on any wood projects I have around, such as birdhouses. Love Martha!

  40. wow looks like so much fun =]

  41. I loved the Fall window clings project on the other blog.I can use the same technique for other designs too!!

  42. I Like Plaid on Facebook

  43. I am a follower of plaid on Twitter

  44. I would use them as a base in my mod podge project!!

  45. I would paint some glass.

  46. i’d use these gorgeous paints (love the colors) when i create mini chipboard books…

  47. I’d use this to paint picture frames.

  48. I like the cereal box valentine holders project from the kids’ plaid site.

  49. i would use these paints to redo some thrift store frames and use them in my daughter’s room.

  50. Following you on twitter.

  51. Wow, how I’d love to try these awesome paints! SK

  52. Would love this set of paints. There are so many uses. The colors are so soft, and would make great backgrounds for art journals, greeting cards, etc. and even highlights when sponged over flat finish paints.

  53. I would love to try out these paints along with some of her new stencils, maybe one on a pillow and I would love to do a pretty serving plate.

  54. I would love to win this. I started art journaling and I do most crafts plus take art lessons so i can put these to use in several ways. Martha is so talented. Send it my way! Julianne Mason

  55. I’m already a FB fan!

  56. Ideally I’d like to stencil my dresser with it. It would look lush wit the pearl paints.

  57. I’d use these fabulous Martha Stewart paints for many springtime projects: birdhouses, frames and Easter baskets. Oh, the possibilities!

  58. I like A Table Makeover with Apple Barrel on your sister’s blog.


  59. Decorate my dresser.


  60. I am already a FB fan.
    I would use these on a mixed media project.

  61. I already “like” Plaid on Facebook. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Martha Stewart paints would be great for cardmaking.

  62. I like Plain on FB already. I am in process of redoing my craft room. I would like to stencil on accent pieces and shelving.

  63. What a great giveaway and just in time for Valentine’s Day! I would use them to decorate my cell phone case and add some details to a pair of wooden pendent earrings I just made. I already liked the Plaid page on FB and I follow Plaid on Twitter too

  64. I see some very pretty new birdhouses!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Most of my paints are the Plaid FolkArt paints, but I have a few bottles of the Martha Stewart paints and I’d love to have more. I like the fact that I can use one Martha paint on almost all surfaces, as opposed to using regular acrylics on some surfaces and the enamels on others. Also like the different finishes that are available – metallic, satin, etc. I’d use the paints to make trivets and coasters.

  66. I already like Plaid on FB and am a follower of yours and love Martha Stewart! It is kind of sad what I will make but it would be a valentine painting of some kind telling my husband how much I love him as we think it will be his last. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. On the kids’ site, I like the idea of using heart doilies on the kid’s fingerpaint projects.

  68. I would use these to alter some boxes for my Valentine presents!!

  69. Those would be great colors to make some really pretty Easter eggs! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  70. I’d like to do some paint pot makeovers. We need some new scenery.

  71. I love the Table Makeover with Apple Barrel. It is awesome.

  72. I like you on facebook. Your products are awesome.

  73. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  74. I already like you on facebook!

  75. My boyfriend just brought me home an old wooden tray and I’m dying to try painting my first project like this! Wow what beautiful colors! Thanks for the chance.

  76. Awe I love the desk paint….awesome…

  77. I’ve never tried MS paints….I would love to win these !!!! I’ve like on everything also…

  78. I like the crayon organizer and Valentine holder on Kids Crafts

  79. I like Plaid on FB

  80. I would love to try these paints and maybe do some stenciling on furniture.

  81. I am planning to stencil my curtains with Martha paints! 🙂

  82. I would love to stencil my curtains and Martha’s paints would be perfect!

  83. I would love to paint some art on furniture and frames.

  84. I would love to try to do some decorative painting on my daughter’s dresser!

  85. I am mostly a cardmaker. But I’m starting to make little journals using chipboard. The cards & journals are what I would want to use the Martha Stewart Paints. From time to time I do work on projects that include wood & canvases. So I would use them on those items also. Thank you for the chance to win!

  86. I have a lampshade that is waiting for the perfect paint to stencil it and these would be fabulous!

  87. These would be great for starting a new spring project

  88. I would make the valentine candy boxes from plaid kids crafts with my classroom!

  89. I like Plaid on facebook!

  90. I have a project to do for my soon to be niece! So excited!

  91. I like the Valentine candy boxes for the kids crafts!

  92. I like Plaid on FB already…….I have some wood words that I want to repaint from white….and maybe add a little MS glitter!

  93. I already “Like” you on Facebook!

  94. I would use this paint to create homemade gifts like boxes, altered letters, and flowers!

  95. These giveaways are fun, the products are great, winter time is great for crafts. I hope I win !!!!

  96. Those look like they’d paint up some fabulous Easter egg projects!

  97. I love working with wooden items…I find that Martha Stewart has colors that seem to attach to the wood beautifully. Her color hues are very soft. My newly designed wooden tissue boxes are beautiful that I have received orders from friends and family. Thank you Martha Stewart.

  98. I have zero crafting supplies right now but tons of projects! I’d love to paint a few frames for my new baby’s room.


  99. I would use these paints to jazz up some blah photo frames I have. A colorful collection would look great in my daughters room or in a bathroom!

  100. I love the MS line of paints, the colors and so vibrant and the flexibility of use is fantastic! Wedding Cake is one I seem to run out of the most., love that white and the taupe chalk board paint has been a staple in my scrapbook projects.

  101. I LOVE your Kids Craft Blog….my daughter and I are currently making the Cereal Box Valentine’s Boxes. Thanks for the chance!

  102. I’ve really been wanting to check these out!

  103. I love paints!!!! I would use them on crafts for my daughters room and classroom.

  104. I already follow Plaid on Twitter! :0)

  105. I like the little Monkey card on Kid’s craft.

  106. I already “Like” Plaid on Facebook!

  107. I love the Martha Stewart paints! If I had these I would use them to paint on craft projects and on gourds!

  108. I would use the pearl and satin paints for creating projects for my new granddaughters bedroom. In fact, I may even add a touch of dazzle with the glitter and metallic. I have been wanting to create a mirror, switch plate, and hanging lamp for her room and I think the Plaid Martha Stewart paint line would be tremedously helpful in completing these projects but I have never used them so this give-a-way would give me the exposure I need to work with them and see how they are.

    Good Luck to everyone who enters….

  109. This is a beautiful set! Love the colors!

  110. Freelance Friday: A Table Makeover with Apple Barrel

    i like this project1

  111. The monkey love card if so cute of Plaid kids.
    Jacque Avant.

  112. id use these to create new stationery!

  113. I already have liked Plaid on FB. I have just bought a wall piece that I don’t care for the colors onit and I plan to repaint it with Martha’s paints. Whether I win or not.
    Jacque Avant

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