Meet Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints

It is now the fourth week in our blog series, All About Plaid. In this series we have been introducing our readers to each brand that falls under the Plaid Enterprise umbrella. This week we would like to bring your attention to another brand we helped create, Martha Stewart craft paints. I am sure Martha Stewart needs no introduction :). She is the queen of crafts, and has been sharing her helpful tips and tricks for a long time. Plaid is so honored to be in the company of Martha Stewart, and help create some amazing craft products. Transform everything from curtains to glassware to flower pots with the first multi-surface craft paint available! Martha Stewart Crafts™ premium acrylic paints provide superior coverage for all fabric, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal craft projects. These vibrant acrylic paints are offered in a range of beautiful colors and five high-quality finishes—satin, high gloss, metallic, pearl, and glitter. Martha’s craft paints resist fading and wear, are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, and even safe for dishwashers. To see projects, and view the entire Martha Stewart craft paint inventory click here.

One Comment to “Meet Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints”

  1. I love martha stewart paints, the colors are rich and with the flexibility to paint different surfaces with the same paint, makes being creative that much easier, way to go plaid! & Martha

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