Teaching Thursdays: Painted Plates

By Candie Cooper – To see more crafts created by Candie visit her blog, Candie Copper’s Journal.

We all love those paint your own pottery shops, don’t we?  I think one reason is because we can use what we create. This project is inspired by that very idea–painted plates to eat from! In one of my craft classes we were painting glass plates. A woman brought her five year old along and I only wish I had a picture of the plate the little girl had painted. It was so playful and fun!

You will need a glass plate, bowl or other item, soft bristle brushes, and Folk Art Enamels. The thrift shop is a great place to find nifty glass surfaces to paint on. When choosing paint colors, a fool proof pallet for small children is to use all cool colors or all warm colors, so if things get smeared–it’s ok!

This was my first time trying out the new Folk Art Enamel Glitters. I’m hooked! If you like Extreme Glitter, then you will be too.

For all over sparkle, paint a coat of gold or silver (or both) onto the BACKSIDE of your blank plate and leave to dry. When painting on glass, only paint where food will not touch. Don’t worry, these paints are non-toxic, but it’s best to paint on food-free areas. Plus it looks really good through the glass. Once you have a glitter coat down, start in with the design. For a rainbow design like this, use a hair dryer to dry the coats of paint in between to prevent colors mixing (aka mud).

For this plate, paint the heart first (two coats for complete coverage) and then add silver polka dots with aqua rings.

Use skinny and wide brushes to paint the rings. Don’t worry if they are brushy or over lap–it all works out in the end. You can always add a second coat of color after the first dries.

Use a soft bristle brush to apply a coat of Folk Art Enamels Glitter over the dried paint design on the back side of the plate. Wait for this coat to dry and then apply a second coat for a super sparkly effect.

Check out that gold sparkle?! I love it so much and it looks even more spectacular in person.

This is two coats of silver Enamel Glitter paint behind the heart and polka dots.

Pop!  Zing!  Yummmmmm, right?!?
If you are curious about Folk Art Enamels, take a peek at the FAQs page here.


2 Comments to “Teaching Thursdays: Painted Plates”

  1. Very smart..Lovely! I will try this 🙂

  2. Love these. Ive got to try it.

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