Gallery Glass Giveaway – Win A 31 Color Value Paint Set

It’s giveaway time again on Paint Me Plaid. This week we are giving away some product from Plaid’s Gallery Glass line. Create stained glass looks with this Value Paint Set. Set includes 2 oz. Liquid Leading, 2 oz. Crystal Clear, 6 .44 oz. pots of popular colors, and 24 .16 oz. pots of accent colors. In this giveaway we are giving away 2 of these value packs to 2 Paint Me Plaid readers. We will announce the winners on Paint Me Plaid on Friday (Feb. 10), in the afternoon.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would create, using this product? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Become a follower of ours on Twitter

Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway

Check out our sister blog, Plaid Kid’s Crafts, and let us know a project you find there that you think is cool

The contest will end Friday February 10th, 2012 at 12 noon EST.

98 Comments to “Gallery Glass Giveaway – Win A 31 Color Value Paint Set”

  1. My Daughter’s Birthday is March 14. She will be 7. She says she is ready for a big girl room. I have promised her I would make her a new lamp as big girls don’t use night lights anymore. I have thought of doing a lamp shade with peace and love stained into it. She loves the peace sign.

  2. Last Christmas I took two frames and hinged them together so they would stand up like an open book and painted a star and a cross on them using Gallery Glass. Place two candles behind it and it makes a stunning decoration!

  3. I’m redoing my kitchen with wine accents and this would be great for making arches with grapes on them on my sliding glass doors.

  4. Love stained glass, would love to try this simpler form.

  5. My “gamer” teenage son has an awkwardly shaped window in his room. It is about 5′ long and only 2′ tall. I thought I would link some frames together with hinges in an accordion style and paint the glass with a “Mario Brothers” or “Sonic” motif.

  6. Plaid makes people Happy and inspires them! I also want to make the Hearts A Flutter craft. I plan to learn and do more to help animal rescues save kitties, dogs and other beautiful and precious lives from the gas chamber facilites in our Country! Anyone, feel free to do some research about this terrible and painful crisis. We all can help 😀 !

  7. A friend asked me to paint some vases for her wedding… this paint would be perfect for that!

  8. Love Gallery Glass.. Haven’t used it for some time. I would be very happy to win, and become reaquainted
    with this great product!!

  9. I’d love to win this and dress up my entry way door.

  10. I absolutely LOVE Gallery Glass and have used it for years. Would like to make suncatchers and decorate an old mirror.

  11. I would do some sort of an Easter decoration to hang in the window of my front door. It has a pretty good sized window and something like a stained glass item would look great. I would also make something cool for my neice Alexis,who goes off to college in the fall. I have her name for Christmas this year. I always make something for whomever I have for Christmas.

  12. I would do a glass lampshade!

  13. ‘liked’ on facebook. 🙂

  14. I’ve got a small window I would actually paint a floral scene on. Fun!

  15. I would like to recycle glass jars!

  16. The mod podge pencils are cool!

  17. I Liked Plaid on FB!

  18. I want to paint the window in my front door. I am sure that I would go crazy with it and paint everything that I could think of.

  19. i would stencil some stemware & plates for different occasions & making holiday candle holders as well. on the kids crafts i liked & made the lovebug bunch ❤

  20. i would love to win this so i could stecil some stemware and plates for different occasions also making holiday candle holders as well. 🙂

  21. I would create beautiful things for the kids’ rooms! I follow you on twitter & facebook! Thanks!

  22. I would like to use these on swirled glass vases……can I do it with brushes?

  23. I would use Gallery Glass to make Fairy wings and Angel wings which could then in turn be be used to decorate Hats and Fascinators.

  24. Creating small Fairy wings and Angel wings which can then be attached to hats and fascinators.

  25. I would really like to create something for my guest bathroom. Something small for the mirror and another for my window. Humming bird for the window and butterflies and vines for the mirror perhaps.

    Thanks so much.

  26. I am creating my own wall art for my new apartment so I’d love to paint some clear glass plates to hang!

  27. Would love to win one of these. I saw all the beautiful projects that could be done, and would like to try some small stained glass windows. Sounds like it’s easy to do with a little practice.

  28. Not quite sure what I’d make, but it would be awesome!!!

  29. I just read about Gallery Glass yesterday. Can’t wait to try it! I want to do the side-light-windows on my front door. Great giveaway!
    Need Some Privacy

  30. On your sister blog – Kids Craft Blog…..I LOVE the little tag!

  31. Already follow on Twitter and LIKE on Facebook.
    Those paints look AWESOME!

  32. my daughter loves to paint. i’m thinking that this would make a great piece of art for her to let her imaginations grow by letting her paint on a mirror or glass & then frame it up and hang it on the hallway or in her bedroom :)))

  33. I’ve always wanted to try this.

  34. How pretty! This would be a great girls birthday party project.

  35. I just started the glass painting…….having so much fun………..collecting glass jars and recycling them with
    paint and some wire……..wonderful candle holders or hangers, especially on those beautiful summer nights.
    cannot wait…………..

  36. Hi Dear, I want more colors & more stuff now..I love plaid paints,just superb! So I want more for sharing tutorials & spreading plaid stuff 🙂
    Thanks ~

  37. I have a vintage glass snack set that I would love to brighten up and modernize with glass paints!

  38. I like Modge Podge DIY Pencils on your sister’s blog.


  39. I would use it on a drinking glass.


  40. I am a follower of twitter too

    Thanks for the giveaway

  41. I am a fan of Plaid fb

    Thanks for the giveaway

  42. I had been wanting to learn to paint on I would paint on some clear flower vase…have them ready for my summer garden cut flowers…to harvest for the house..

    Thanks for the giveaway


  44. I also liked Plaid on Facebook

  45. I would use them to paint some vases and candle holders.

  46. The Acorn Fairies are cute, in the Kids Craft archives.

  47. I’m a fan of Plaid on FB

  48. I’d like to make a terrarium and put some pretty embellishments on it.

  49. I would love to use Gallery Glass to decorate glassware for hosting, as well as for other craft projects that I sell at local craft shows. like glass jewelry, glass coasters, ornaments, etc. Gallery Glass cannot be found anywhere in the country I’m at… if I win I probably would be the only one who has this product!

  50. This would make so many awesome crafts!

  51. I would make some stained looking glass on my old windows I have saved!

  52. I love Gallery Glass…so many uses……boy….I could get real creative with this kit….:)

  53. I would start my next Gallery Glass project for sure! I have a huge mirror hear which is crying out for some jazzing up, so I would put those paints to use on that! ❤

  54. I like Plaid on fb.

  55. Would love to use on a vintage window pane I would like to hang in my home.

  56. I would love to win this product and create something really unique for my mother’s 84th birthday.

  57. Presently doing a window with Gallery Glass and these would be great to finish it off. Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. I am redecorating my house. Due to health issues I’ve been out of it for ten years. I’d like to paint some of the window panels to brighten up the place.

  59. OMG…..what couldnt I do with this set????? Love anything from Plaid. Im the Mod Podge queen

  60. I’d decorate my cupcake stand with it 🙂

  61. I would create some birthday gifts and some presents for friends.

  62. I’d use the paint for so many different projects I want to do. I think a nice plate for goodies would look great with this paint. Or better yet a collection of plates for hanging.

  63. I like Plaid on FB

  64. I really love the Brown paper heart on Plaid Kids. It almost looks antiqueish.

  65. I love Gallery Glass!!!!! I did our window on our apartment door with a flower bouquet and Humming Birds instead of using a curtain. I would love to do the glass on our doors to block the dishes and glassware..

  66. Would be awesome on glass ware sets for the outdoors which will be here before you know it!

  67. I like Plaid on Facebook.

  68. I would love to use Gallery Glass to decorate some vases.

  69. I like the decoupage washi paper pencils on Kids Crafts.

  70. I would paint some more of my vintage windows with that great paint……..

  71. I would love to use the glass on some old windows I have!

  72. i would love to decorate some vases with it!

  73. I would love to make a glass block using this! Awesome 🙂

  74. I would love to try Gallery Glass….follow you everywhere!

  75. i checked out the kids blog, i love it and the heart yarn for the windows are great, my young girls would love to make these. guess ill dig out the yearn and floral wire.

  76. there are so many things i could do with this paint, sssooo awesome. I am a collector of glass things. i love to make things that are plain just beautiful and eye catching. thats what i would do paint everything i could get my hands on. lol!

  77. I liked your FB page and left a comment. I am following you on Twitter I thought the Mod Podge Pencils were a great project. (From you sister Kid craft blog.)

  78. I would love to create some new designs with Gallery Glass. My students always want to learn something new and different ..

  79. I checked out your sister blog, and love the mod podge pencils.

  80. I would try my hand at painting candle holders and decorative glasses.

  81. I would make candle holders and sun catchers

  82. I have a lot of jars that need to be decorated, I have etched some of them and covered some with other materials. Now I need to paint some of them.

  83. I would love to make a sun catcher with my kids:)

  84. I am a current FB follower:)

  85. I would like to make clings for my bathroom mirror aswell to decorate glass ornaments for Christmas. I have tons of ideas and the Gallery Glass colors are beautiful.

  86. Hi! I would use these to create a design on my bathroom window! I really don’t want to block the natural light by using a traditional window covering. Gallery Glass would be perfect to use on the window as it would look lovely with the light shining through and keep the neighbors from being unable to peek-a-boo thru their perfect view they have now!

  87. I am dying to be able to use Gallery Glass!! I would learn how to make glass window panels that look like stained glass!!

  88. and on facebook! Wooohooo! Happy Monday!

  89. Oh how awesome! This would be great to work on some Mother’s Day gifts!

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