Make it Monday: Dancing Hearts Valentine Mobile

Create a lovely and wonderful mobile with Gallery Glass, this Valentine’s Day. Hearts are all a flutter this time of year, and the song of love is playing almost everywhere you go. Even though there are only a few days left til Valentine’s Day, there is still plenty of time to get creative and make some festive decorations for this occasion. Below are the supplies you will need, along with the instructions. This project was designed by, Holli Long. Click here to see another Valentine’s Day craft made with Gallery Glass.
PLAID Supplies

  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Snow White, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Amethyst, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Ruby Red, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Surfaces – Leading Blanks
  • Gallery Glass ® Redi-Lead™ Strips – Thin
  • Gallery Glass ® Accessories – Tool Set
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ Sets – Primary Paint Set

Other Supplies
28 Gauge wire
Wire cutters
Red glass hearts
Optional: Red seed beads


  1. Tape pattern under Cuttable Plastic and trace lines with Thin Redi-Lead, trimming to fit as you go.
  2. Colorize heart shapes with combinations of Window Color colors of your choice. (Samples use Ruby Red, Wicker White, and Amethyst.)
  3. Create various dots, stripes and swirls as desired. Create marbled effects by stirring colors together slightly while wet. Experiment! It’s FUN!!
  4. When Window Color is completely dry, cut around all heart shapes with scissors, leaving a little “tab” of clear plastic between the ‘humps of the top of heart (to hang it by). Cut 8 pieces of wire approximately 12” long.
  5. Punch holes in the top and bottom of each heart using a T-Pin. Enlarge holes with the metal tool.
  6. Thread two wires through the top hole. Center wires and bend up. Holding wire near the plastic, twist several times. Thread two of the wires together and through a red glass bead. Twist all wires together to hold in place. Add another red glass heart to two of the wires. Twist all wires together and make a loop at top for hanging. Twist wires together to secure loop. Trim wires close.
  7. Attach another two wires at the bottom of the heart, bring ends together to align the hole at the center of the wires. Hold the wires close to the plastic and twist a couple of times. Add a red glass bead to two of the wires, then bring all four together and twist to hold glass bead in place.
  8. Connect to next heart shape by threading two of the wires through the hole at the top, then wrap all four wires around under the heart a couple of times. Cut wire close.
  9. Repeat for each space between hearts. (Note: you can assemble mobile with ribbon or cord instead of wire, if desired.)
  10. Optional step: Cut 5” lengths of extra wire. Thread wires through red seed beads: curl and bend wire to create a “wild” look. Wrap randomly around wire between hearts.
  11. Hint #1: You can add more or fewer hearts to your mobile as desired.
  12. Hint #2: You can write alphabet letters on top of the dry Window Color using the tip of Liquid Lead (spell out the name of your Sweetheart, spell out “Love”, etc.).
  13. Hint #3: You can write whole words on each heart such as ‘love”, “kisses”, “hugs”, etc.

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