Meet Gallery Glass

Another week, another brand. It is now the fifth week in our blog series, All About Plaid. In this series we have been introducing our readers to each brand that falls under the Plaid Enterprise umbrella. This week we would like you to get familiar with, Gallery Glass. Anyone can create the elegant beauty of classic stained glass easily and inexpensively with decorating favorite, Gallery Glass®. One amazingly easy technique–simply outline and paint–is used to create any Gallery Glass project, from show-stopping windows for the home, gorgeous glass art accents and window clings for kids, seasonal and whimsical décor. Whether windows, accessories or framed art, glass is one of today’s most popular decorating surfaces. Plaid’s one-of-a-kind Gallery Glass creates the realistic look of stained glass. Please click here, to see projects and the entire Gallery Glass line. Explore even more about Gallery Glass on our blog, Gallery Glass Class today!

One Comment to “Meet Gallery Glass”

  1. I NEED this, oboy, do I!

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