Make it Monday: Valentine Purse

By: Candie Cooper (To see more crafts from Candie check out her blog, Candie Cooper’s Journal)

I was thinking back to my own school days. About this time twenty-five years ago my mom and I would be working on my Valentine Box. You know the ones–they house all the little notes classmates give to one another. One year it was wrapped in red paper with conversation hearts glued on, another it looked like a mini mailbox. So fun! I was trying to think of a quick-to-make-Valentine box and this is what I came up with. It’s a retro clutch disguised as a Valentine holder!  

Pick up clutches at the second hand store, then grab some embellishments, ribbons, Mod Podge, Extreme Glitter, Martha Stewart Glitter paints and paint brushes. You may need some Folk Art paint too.

Lay out the embellishments however you like. Within five minutes, it will like a Valentine bomb went off like you see here. Glitter, buttons, trim and more…kaboom!!

Coat the purse with Extreme Glitter to add sparkle. Since I ended up with pennants, I painted a skinny line for them to hang from.

Use Mod Podge in Gloss or Matte to apply the paper embellishments, sealing each layer as you go. You can always cut pieces of fabric or paper into triangles if you don’t have these particular embellishments to create pennants.

Use Mod Podge or thick craft glue to attach the other embellishments.

For added flare, tie ribbons along the chain. This chain happened to be broke so I tied the ends together with ribbon. We call that MacGyver crafting around here.

Here’s another clutch I played around with while I waited for the other to dry.

Pretty sweet ending if I do say so myself!  

*I was talking to a friend later about boy versions of this project and we thought a painted hat or cowboy boot would be a really fun Valentine holder.  Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments.  We’d love that!

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