A 7 Formula Mod Podge Giveaway

In case you forgot, the month of March is National Craft Month. Now I know we are not quite done with February yet, but we here at Plaid are so excited about March, we wanted to announce our first National Craft Month giveaway today. Mod Podge is one of Plaid’s most popular craft brands, however many people don’t know that we have several formulas and more on the way. This week on Paint Me Plaid we are giving away 7 different types of Mod Podge formula. One lucky Paint Me Plaid reader will win seven 8oz bottles of Mod Podge. The seven formulas include: Outdoor, Paper, Sparkle, Matte, Gloss, Shimmer Gold Metallic, and Shimmer Silver Metallic.






Shimmer Metallic Gold

Shimmer Silver Metallic

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use these products to create? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

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The contest will end Friday March 2nd, 2012 at 12 noon EST.

290 Comments to “A 7 Formula Mod Podge Giveaway”

  1. I like you already on facebook!

  2. I LOVE photo projects with Mod Podge -indoors and outdoors goodies such as flower pots for grandparents
    Got my fingers crossed!!!

  3. I would use the outdoor mod podge for some flower pots I want to paint

  4. I love your Kids Crafts blog! I am planning some kids craft camps for this summer so I will definitely be using a lot of projects from this blog!

  5. I am now following on Twitter!

  6. I use Mod Podge for almost everything I do! Tons of wood crafts, paper crafts, jewelery making – I almost never have a craft that doesn’t call for Mod Podge!

  7. I looked and bookmarked Plaids Kid’s Crafts I love the Quick & Easy Paper Vases idea. I think I’m going to take that idea and use it to make party favors for my sons daughters birthday party coming up in May. Fairy themed and the shimmer paints will work beautifully for them. 🙂

  8. My children and I love to make Christmas ornaments and give them as gifts. Last year I bought some clear glass ornaments after Christmas. I have used glue with mica powders inside to color them only to find the mica powder with the glue, falls/chips leaving see through areas. I would love to try the Mod Podge Shimmers as they are already shimmer. I suspect they will be superior to the mice method. 🙂

  9. I scrapbook often and am wanting to try the Mod Podge paper to see how it works as an adhesive. I have found that some adhesives come off over the years and I want something that is permanent given all the time I put into the pages. I have heard that the paper Mod Podge works well for this and am really looking forward to trying it. 🙂

  10. My daughter LOVESSSSS fairies. I have a couple of chipboard boxes. One is lidded and the other a jewelry box. We are planning to use scrap papers and then use the Matte Mod Podge on them. Does anyone know if you can Use Mod Podge over glitter or is it better to use it on top? Thank you. 🙂

  11. For the outdoor Mod Podge my son made a birdhouse for boy scouts that he is very proud of… we just need to paint it. I was thinking the Outdoor Mod Podge would help to protect the surface. Last Halloween I bought several fake pumpkins for my kids to decorate this year. I’m thinking this product will also help to protect them as well. 🙂

  12. For the Sparkle Mod Podge my daughter and I are going to update some of old plastic bracelets of hers.:).

  13. For the Gloss Mod Podge I want to decoupage a candle with some vintage looking scrap papers I have. These types of candles are so pretty and Mod Podging them myself makes them much more affordable and I get exactly what I want this way. 🙂

  14. I tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter. 🙂

  15. I follow and liked Plaid on FaceBook.

  16. I’m going to decoupage some photo albums!!!

  17. Long story short. Moved back in w/ the ILs. Sad story made happy, refurbishing lots of not so pretties into “OMG, that is soooo pretty/adorable/cute” to make me feel better about living in the dungeon…I mean the cellar turned bedroom. Send lots of Mod Podge to make my sads into happys. 🙂

  18. I havent used Mod Podge but I would sure like to try it!

  19. There are so many projects! Self watering containers, glitter vases, the possibles are endless!

  20. I use it to make outdoor fountains for my patio. i love this stuff

  21. I thing I would try to give one of my dressers a fresh new look with some designer’s fabric…

  22. This rocks. I’d use it with my 3 year old granddaughter collaging, etc!!! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  23. I love the stuff!! There are so many ways to use it! I use it on my “aluminum can airplanes” as protection and to place pictures and sayings on the planes! The uses are multitudes!!

  24. I’m gathering the supplies to make drink coasters using ceramic tile, scrape book paper, and MOD PODGE. Looking forward to find more project to use Mod Podge.

  25. I use it for alot of things , but right now im in the process of using it to put some old B&W pics of my mom in the lanterns i bought at Pier1 on clearance which made them even better ! So im using those as a picture frame on my mantle , i really love this idea cause its just a different way to display her pics than in a regular picture frame and use my lanterns !

  26. For an extra entry.. I saw someone on Pinterest had decoupaged mason jars with scrapbook paper and put battery-operated tea lights inside. I’ve been wanting to try it for months!

  27. i really could you this for so many new idea i have. because we our building a new home and will we moving in the next few months . i have a whole house to decorate accutally 2400 square feet

  28. I have used Mod Podge to do so many things! I’ve decoupaged pumpkins with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge for Halloween! I’ve lined drawers and used Mod Podge to seal! But if I won, I would use the Mod Podge to seal an antique card table I bought for $12 at a yardsale. The table top is covered in antique matchbooks from around the country, however they are not protected or sealed. Id love to make this table finally usable! (:

  29. Glass or trash mod Podge can do it all.

  30. There are so many projects that I love using Mod Podge. I would love to be able to try the new ones especially a collage.

  31. i’ve been redecorating my craft space and bedroom. i think i could spice up some old accessories and create some new ones for my spaces!

  32. I would very much enjoy winning the Mod Podge. I am in a Newcomer’s Group and we will be starting a craft group. I would love to share these products with the group.

  33. You put me on the spot!! Don’t know what I will use these for!

  34. Please let me win this so i can use it on/in my paintings and furniture i build.

  35. So glad I “liked” your F/B page…Where I live you can only get matt or gloss mod podge! Didn’t know that you had other ones~! I like to do the tissue paper collage over a votive candle holder….made some of these for christmas and put the kids picture on them…they (Gma and Gpa..Aunts and Uncles) loved it!…Thank You Plaid, for Mod Podge~

  36. Mod Podge is the Best!!! I have so many project that I could ge done when I win!!!! teeheee

  37. I have a couple of rescue stools that I plan on doing up for my two great nieces……you know how little girls love glitter…..sprinkle me up

  38. i would make an outside table for my front porch to put my plants on this spring.

  39. omg thats sooo awsome =]

  40. I would love to re-do my ugly old wooden tray with this modge podge it is too ugly for words just now.

  41. If I won this giveaway I would use it to cover and ugly old wooden tray I have had for years. It needs a facelift badly, also I saw that really cute glittered collar for plain shirt idea and would like to try that too.

  42. following on twitter – @magnoliaphotofl

  43. I’d love to use some of the paper modge podge to get the right finish on a few altered art paper works I’m trying, fiddling with some steampunk designs for office decor.

  44. Following on facebook, twitter (magnoliaphotofl) and the project I think I’d try from the kids craft page is going to be placemats – that looks like something fun my daughter and I can do together.

  45. I love the St. Patrick’s day necklace! This is a project that I’d love to try! 🙂

  46. I like you already on facebook! 🙂

  47. I’d like to try Mod Podge on some jewelry pieces and customize some dress shoes. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  48. Love the shamrock necklace on Plaid Kid’s Crafts!

  49. Liked Plaid on FB!

  50. I would love to try the different Mod Podges on some furniture projects and a ton of other ideas!

  51. I have tons of projects waiting to be Mod Podged, but I would start with refinishing a shelf and a section of it will have Mod Podged fabric!

  52. The outdoor Mod Podge I use to collage an Adirondack chair

  53. The Matte Mod Podge I use to alter boxed for my packaging.

  54. I use the gloss and paper Mod Podge for my paper beads.

  55. If I won these, I’d be experimenting all over the place! One thing I am drawn to is customizing furniture. This variety will spark a lot of inspiration!

  56. I like Plaid on Facebook!

  57. What a great prize! What couldn’t you use Mod Podge for and all this variety just make those possibilities endless.

  58. checked out Plaid Kid’s Crafts and I love the placemats. Might have to try this with my granddaughter during Spring Break.

    Creative Hugs

  59. following Plaid on FB!

  60. Love Mod Podge I have several projects that I would use the Matte on. I have not tried any of the others but would love to try. Thanks so much for the chance!

    Creative Hugs

  61. I would like to use it on my used bowling pin art pieces(:

  62. Two projects I am working on right now, a bird feeder and my art journal, could definitely take full advantage of these products. There is plenty more! Yes I follow on FB, lotsa sweet ideas to work with!

  63. I have so many empty walls and so have been going crazy making artwork out of recycled materials and Mod Podge! My most recent was a paper mâché bird print series on canvas. I need more MP for my next project though…a textured string print!

  64. I am going to cover recycled containers and other things with this modern day wonder

  65. I have a wood frame I want to create with Mod Podge, a couple of ideas for jewelry and a collage idea. I have too many irons in the fire but these are next on my list after finishing a couple of projects I’m working on now!

  66. I have a couple of rescued tables that need some mod podge tlc.

  67. I love Mod Podge just finished a project from a Birthday Party. Used the 50th Birthday napkin and made a plate. looked awesome

  68. I like making Cigar Case Purses!

  69. I want to paint and put pretty scrapbook paper on several little bird houses for a bird house village type of home decor for Easter. I’d use mod podge as the adhesive as well as the sealer coat.

  70. I visited your sister blog Plaid Kid’s Crafts and was saddened to find that there were no family tree and/or heritage kid’s crafts. [And? That’s a great idea. I’ll do a kid’s craft video on my YouTube Channel with Mod Podge.]

    However, I really like the Thanksgiving Thanks Tray. Very cute and family-oriented. It could very well become a family heirloom. =)

  71. I liked your FB page AND wrote on your wall that I entered the giveaway.

  72. I’m following you on Twitter with @FamilyStories !

  73. Well, I’m a genealogist and family historian, and I make Heritage Craft How-To Videos [on YouTube] and I almost always use Mod Podge for them. So, if I were so lucky to win this Mod Podge Booty, I’d use them in my videos. And also in my kids school projects. Cuz I can’t think of a single school project that we haven’t used Mod Podge to complete it. The stuff absolutely ROCKS.

  74. Repurposing old furniture!!

  75. As an artist, I create original paintings for a rice-paper manufacturer that supplies decoupage paper world-wide. I love using Mod Podge in demonstrating my decoupage projects at shows, with the confidence that the product will stand the test of time and make the finish of my artwork look really professional!

  76. I enjoy creating and making my own homemade Christmas ornaments for my friends and family and I use A LOT of Mod Podge when I do….these would be fantastic!

  77. I follow on facebook

  78. Color me Mod Podge! This give away will allow me to do many projects at once….I have some jewelry projects, collage/decoupage ideas, photo projects to decorate our house and with the outdoor Mod Podge I could make some outdoor coasters & decorate some planters. The ideas are quite endless and so are my projects. Gotta love Mod Podge.

  79. I would use them to make n altered book e-reader cover.

  80. I follow on twitter @allthngzrelated!

  81. I like Plaid on FB!

  82. I’m making a junk journal using Mod Podge! I need more!

  83. I looked at Plaid Kid Crafts and love the Spring Paper Bag Placemats!!

  84. I like Plaid on Facebook! Robin O’Sullivan thanks!!

  85. We would use these to decorate the birdhouses we make! thank you!!

  86. Awesome giveaway! i love making crafts with my 9 year old niece and Mod Podge is always a staple supply! We use it for decoupage on wood, mixed media collages…everything!

  87. I would use it for furniture updates! Especially to try something for the backyard!

  88. Actually I will bling out my flower garden with all the glimmer sparkle and shimmer! Then seal up all the pretty rocks and with the outdoor MP!

  89. I am an Art Parent/Teacher at my kids’ school and we are doing fun projects all the time and get great inspiration from “Paintmeplaid” for our projects. I would love to have mod podge in our class room for when we do our projects. I think it is amazing that their is all sorts of different mod podges! This we would be a Great gift to our classroom! Mod Podge and PaintMePlaid ROCKS my SOCKS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  90. My granddaughter loves bugs. I can see us making “fashion bugs” all over my yard.

  91. Wow.. This is a great prize… I hope.. hope…hope I win this one !!!!

  92. I am going to make the best rock garden ever! So going to MP some pretty lace and paper on the rocks in my garden with the Outdoor MP! Whoot!!

  93. I want to win this for my paintings and furniture!

  94. I would use these to make my decoupaged frames and other items.

  95. Love that St. Patrick’s pendant! I’m a sucker for shamrocks!

  96. I follow you on FB and Twitter and love the great ideas. If I one this dreamy pack of goodness I’d use it to keep making jewelry from album covers. I would love to use the sparkle to make Christmas ornaments with my kids and gifts for family. The ideas are endless.

  97. Already like you on Facebook! Awesome giveaway!!!

  98. I think the Lacy Mason Jars on the Plaid Kid’s Crafts is very cool!

  99. Following Plaid on Twitter 🙂

  100. If I won, I would make decorated clipboards and some Christmas ornaments!

  101. I already like Plaid on Facebook!


  103. I use Mod Podge on my mixed media!! The finish is so neat, I just love it!!

  104. I have been using Modge Podge since I was a wee little crafter! Love it!!!

  105. Cute glitter sunglass holders. That would be a good project to try with the package of goodies if I win!!!

  106. I love Mod Podge. I’ve been taking some of Christy Tomlinson’s classes & a Brave Girls Class & going thru the Mod Podge…. I’d love to win

  107. I would use the Mod Podge Outdoor to decorate something on the patio

  108. I would use Shimmer Silver Metallic to decorate something for my kayak

  109. I followed on Facebook. I have used Mod Podge for my Valentines Day earrings using candy. I want to transfer some photo’s onto wood using Mod Podge. I saw it as a project on pinterest.

  110. I love Mod Podge, I already “like” you on Facebook. I loved the glass vases.

  111. Love Mod Podge!! I would use these on a canvas I am working on for my Hubby using a bible verse from Numbers; his request 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  112. I visited Plaid Kid’s Crafts and like the Homemade Recycled Calendar Mod-Podge Puzzles. I think I wouldn’t mind giving that a try myself as a recycle project! And I can only imagine what I could do with 7 different kinds of Mod Podge! Look out! 🙂

  113. I ADORE Mod Podge and have since I was a preteen!! I am 45 now and still LOVE it! I would use all of these super cool formulas to cover anything that didn’t move! LOL I use Mod Podge to cover composition books, plaques, frames, glass items etc. It works on everything!! Mod Podge ROCKS and I would love to use some of the metallics etc!

  114. I use Mod Podge all the time to make my mixed media canvases. I couldn’t leave without it – I only use the mat, but I would love to try the other kinds. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Carmen L

  115. I use Mod Podge to seal my custom My Little Ponies, collages, making jewelry, and more! 😀 Great products!

  116. I use Modge Podge for my mixed media canvas, for my art journals, for vacation bible school crafts and sometimes I use it in my jewelry making. I ❤ Modge Podge!!

  117. Oh I had no idea there were so many different types!!

    I would definitely have fun making some altered jewelry boxes with those finishes!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    I have now followed you on facebook!!

  118. I am collaging a wooden school desk. How fun to use all thedifferent kinds of mod podge to get different effects!

  119. I just bought some Mod Podge for some decoupage projects I am working on. Love it!

  120. I’m already a follower on facebook!

  121. I’ve been wanting to redo a small side table in my living room and I would LOVE to have some MOD Podge for it!

  122. All my projects involve paper. But I am thinking about incorporating fabric and other things into my journal pages. It would be very exciting to experiment with some of the Mod Podges that I haven’t used yet. I usually use the gloss, the sparkle, and the matte.

  123. I’m working on tissue paper covered cigar boxes, a project perfect for Mod Podge! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  124. I am a ModPodge addict. Most recently, after redoing my craft room with a peacock theme, I modpodged peacock scrapbook paper to canvas for my artwork. I would love to do more of the same plus I have a ton of other projects lined up that I found on pinterest including covering a wooden tray. Can never have too much ModPodge!

  125. I like you on FB. I would use the Mod Podge for doing paper crafts, i.e. tin lunch boxes into albums, altered frames, Composition Notebook…..so many things! I would love to try new crafts with the different formulas!!! I really want to Mod Podge some paper onto some file cabinets! Wood crafts, outdoor projects, paperboard storage items, buckets…. you name it, I’m game!!! Thank you for the chance to win your awesome products!!!

  126. I paint birdhouses and turn them into really cool themed houses. Most of my stuff is decorative and for the indoors. I would love to try the Outdoor Mod Podge and work on some houses that the birds can actually use!

  127. I want to win so I can make magic with all the different formulas. The only ones that are available in stores in my area are matte and gloss. SO want to try the others!

  128. Would love to win this….want to make sparkling vases for the tables at my daughter’s First Communion party! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  129. I have NO IDEA but it sure looks like fun!!

  130. Can’t get enough Mod Podge! I would love to try the Metallics on Christmas cards.

  131. Well I don’t know if this was strictly a mod podge project, but the snowman refrigerator picture on the kids craft blog cracked me up

  132. Oh my, all kinds of stuff. I really NEED to get some of the outdoor Md Podge.

  133. I love the lace vases on the blog!

  134. I have already been using ModPodge this week to make myself some twine dispensers out of mini Pringles cans! But oh, what I could do with the other kinds…the next thing I plan to do with it is cover letters in paper or fabric to put on my girls’ bedroom wall for their initials.

  135. I love Modge Podge for all sorts of crafts, but my sister….turned me on to Mod Podge as the BEST stuff in the world to use for glittering items. Finish it ip with Mod Podge Spray Sealant and your shimmer and sparkles aren’t going anywhere. I make Mardi Gras and party masks, and I would love to see how some of the different Mod Podge types would work. Wow.

  136. I like Plaid on FB, and left a comment!

  137. Left a message and love on the FB page

  138. Totally obsessed with Mod Podge. This would be wonderful to win! I mostly decoupage and make my own storage boxes.

  139. I’d use all these Mod Podges to alter items, make a book safe, a paper covered clipboard, to decorate planters for our 3 season patio – basically, read directions on each one, and start with the first and keep going until I have used each one for its purpose, and have 7 great projects !

  140. I “liked” plaid crafts on fb

  141. I love this stuff but what happened to Mod Podge Fabric?? I never could find it and I loved that stuff! I so need to win this!

  142. Iam doing a journal with alot of art going into and love using your products. Thanks for a chance to win. I already follow you on facebook & twitter.

  143. pretty much anything i have to glue down to something…altering projects cover paper projects… decoupage i have them all over the house

  144. I already like Plaid on Facebook and I left a new comment about this giveaway!

  145. Oh that is certainly Mod Podge heaven right there in the 7 formulas! I can’t live… or craft without Mod Podge. Great giveaway!!!!

  146. Love Mod Podge, use it for everything!! Loving using it for art journaling lately!!

  147. I LOVE Mod Podge! I would use outdoor to create some Awesome birdhouses. I would use matt to redo some serving trays. I would love to try the metallics!!!

  148. following on facebook!

  149. Wow, that a lot of different kinds. I would use it on some fabric that I plan to decorate boxes with. I use it a lot to for fabric on frames to match babies rooms of my grand babies and baby shower gifts. I am sharing on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to win.

  150. And I follow on twitter : ) @ourdesignedlife

  151. oh my and when I thought Plaid couldn’t come up with something else to make us crafters happier. all these different Modge Podge …. I’m just without words … what a wonderful prize. Good luck to the winner…but, I hope it’s me.

  152. You can never have too much Mod Podge!! I was just talking to my husband this morning about redoing our bedroom side table, it currently has a papered mod podge top that I’m ready to change out. It would work out too perfect!

  153. love modge podge… been using a lot to make fake silk screens! would use sparkle to make something fabulous for my girls and outside to make something for nana’s garden!

  154. I would use this to make jewelry pieces and do some mixed media projects also. Can’t get enough of Mod Podge!

  155. Love my Mod Podge – I’m working on my 2012 Halloween figures. Would love to try the sparkle podge especially.

  156. I would use them to make my roller derby necklaces, as I already do! I love Mod Podge!

  157. So many things to make with MP!! I think I would make a photo canvas first and then maybe some plant markers for the garden 🙂

  158. I love using MP for all types of crafty things! How great to be able to choose from a variety of formulas!!

  159. I love mod podge and would use it to adhere more photos to blocks. I didn’t realize it came in so many different flavors LOL 🙂

  160. My daughter has just moved into a new haouse and I can see sooo many applications for Mod Podge.

  161. The St. Patty’s Necklace is cute!

  162. Wow…I didnt even know there were that many different ones. I know I would use the paper one for all my paper crafts. and Now that I know there are more I would get to be more inventive. Thanks for the chance to win these. I sure could use some.

  163. I use Mod Podge all the time for collage and in my art journal, but oh how fun it would be to try out the variety of Mod Podges!!

  164. I am not sure where I would start….I never knew there were MULTIPLE types of mod podge. I’ve been having so much fun with the original! My husband, myself and our daughter are redecorating her room from baby theme, to a pre-teen “beachy” theme. These would be fun to use as her dad has made her some surfboards and signs out of styrofoam and it would be great to give all of these a try for a really cool stand-out look! I would also love to try them on the picture frames that we plan to hang on her walls that have homemade beach drawings in them. We would LOVE to give them all a try!

  165. I have never used Mod Podge, so the possibilities are endless. I would make a collage first!

  166. I am working on a cupcake themed scrapbook. Mod Podge for paper is just what I need and of course adding a sparkle finish to the cover is great as well. Love Mod Podge!

  167. I am working on a cupcake themed scrapbook. Winning the prize package would help me finish. I want to use the sparkle on the cover. What a great contest. 🙂

  168. Oh! I want to use the Sparkle to update a picture frame.

  169. And I already follow you on Twitter!

  170. And I already like you on FB!

  171. I would use the Paper Mod Podge in my art journal, and use the gloss to do resists and foiling. Oooo, and the glitter one would go on everything! Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. I would use these on my paintings and walls and furniture…
    It would be great to win, cause i use alot of mod podge!

  173. I would create beautiful projects for my girls room we are going to redo their rooms in a month or so. I have found so many cute projects on pinterest in which people have used your products cant wait.

  174. I had no idea and I’ve used regular for years!!! I’d love to make a bench for outside with the outdoor formula.

  175. I follow on twitter

  176. I’m not sure what I would make but I would love to win these to help me decide

  177. I’m already a FB Follower!

  178. I have a million projects, but I guess I could start with the file cabinet makeover I have planned.

  179. I would use this product on the mail box I am painting for my mom for Mother’s Day.

  180. To make my St. Patrick’s Day plate for a party we are going to but also as a gift for the hostess

  181. Would really love to win this. Trying to bring my crafting side out of me and this would really help.


  183. I live for Modge Podge. Seriously if I can’t MP it… it’s not worth doing. (JK) Gloss is great for high profile things, that require extra protection – make serving trays, lining the bottom with cork, then MP to seal and decorate with wine labels. Sparkle, great for the girly-girl projects, like making painted wooden MP letters and shapes with decorative scrapbook paper. Outdoor MP is a new one for me, but I’ve got plans – finally I’ll be able to decorate that uninteresting bird-feeder; a bird’s buffet can be a thing of beauty. Matte and paper MP are my standard opps – great for my mixed-media collage murals on canvas, and themed magazine art on wooden plank board. Shimmer gold and silver MP (also new to me) will be used for the birthday and gift box creations this year. My gift boxes travel the globe; and regifting is a compliment in this case. Three cheers for National Craft Month!

  184. What WOULDN’T I create with all that Mod Podge?!!
    Sometimes I wonder if Mod Podge flows in my veins….

    Lately it’s been tile coasters, mirror frames, fan blades and switchplate/outlet covers

  185. I would decorate the outdoor swing!

  186. I will definitely come up with some more unique ideas with ModPodge..

  187. I am already a follower on twitter & a subscriber too 🙂

  188. What an awesome giveaway! waoo..I really need some more ModPodge now !!!

  189. I like Spring Paper bag place mats on your sister’s blog.


  190. I would like to use the Sparkle on a shirt or skirt.


  191. I’m new to Mod Podge, so I would love to try it!

  192. I had no idea that there were so many different kinds. I’ve used the matte and the outdoor but I’d love to try the sparkly on some projects. I’m sure it would give it some extra bling!

  193. From the Kid’s Craft blog, I like the Plastic Nesting Easter Eggs – XL Pink Egg Topiary

  194. I have a special Superhero 5th birthday party coming up, and there are definitely a lot of related decoupage projects in the works, including the background for a photo booth!

  195. I’m a fan of Plaid on FB

  196. I’d love to make some tabletop holiday decorations with all these marvelous MP products.

  197. Just love the Tuesday Tutorial: Mason Lace Jars…pinned it on Pinterest too.

  198. On Plaid Kid’s Crafts I like the Decoupage Glass Vases. They would be a great idea for kids to make for Mother’s Day!

  199. I like you on fb…

  200. I have a whole lot of crafts on my Pinterest boards that I could use this one. Can’t wait to get some started.

  201. I’m already planning ornaments and gifts I will be making for Christmas. The silver and gold Mod Podge look like they would be fun to try on ornaments for shimmer!

  202. I like you guys on facebook, and left a comment there as well!

  203. Are you kidding? What wouldn’t I do with that amazing prize package! I am currently working on a photo/canvas/scrap project. I’m going to need some Mod Podge to finish it up…


  204. I already Like Plaid on FB.If i am sooo lucky to win the Mod Podge giveaway i plan on covering a large 14×14 photo box with scrapbook paper in all shades and prints of Lavender! My favorite and lucky color. Mod Podge Rocks!!!! Thanks.

  205. I would love to win this! I used mod podge on walls, my paintings and all kinds of stuff, it’s super useful!
    please let me win!!!!

  206. I have been to the Plaid Kids Craft site and I think among the many other possibilities there, we would make the crayon organizers first.

  207. I already like Plaid on FB. Awesome site and page. 🙂

  208. I have tons of projects to do. For starters, I want to deco my son’s dresser with maps and I have two friends that I need to finish projects for. I went to their baby shower and baby’s 1st birthday party, and kept the wrapping paper to podge into frames and into wall art or something. This would be a fantastic way to get started.

  209. Love Mod Podge. Have used many a jar since the 70″s! Who knew there were so many kinds … have only used the matte … oh the possibilities!!!!

  210. Oh my, who knew there were so many kinds of Mod Podge. I always use the matte … will need to try out the other 7! Have used it since the 70’s!!!!!

  211. Oh how fun! I have become, just recently a modge podge officianado!! My husband is afraid to stand still too long for fear I will modge podge him!! Love, love your products. I have tried to find some of the seven that you manufacture but neither michael’s nor joann’s carries them.

  212. I am redoing a dresser and I would love to spruce it up with some mod podge!

  213. I want to do some projects to use on my patio this spring like decorated flower pots, etc.
    All of these different formulas will be great for the indoor and outdoor pots and planters!

  214. what a great giveaway 🙂 my latest use has been for apply fabric to canvas and embellishing …luv mod podge…i recently had some old cigar boxes i M.P the heck out of …now they are works of art 🙂
    hope i get lucky 🙂

  215. I have been a facebook, paint me plaid, plaid kids crafts, and twitter follower for a long time. This is an awesome give-a-way, the ideas are already spinning in my head… I am also looking forward to trying the DIY Salt Jar Votives.

    Good Luck Everyone….

  216. I love this jewelry idea from a ‘Together Tuesday,” even though I am completely surrounded by boys. 🙂 http://www.plaidkidscrafts.com/2011/06/21/TogetherTuesdayBreezySummerPendant.aspx

  217. I am a fan of yours on facebook!!!

  218. I would use these great products to make fun projects for friends and family~

  219. I already LIKE your page on FB 🙂
    I would love to experiment with the different types in my mixed media jewelry . I use paper as focus for alot of my designs and i need something easy to use and that really works. I use thew regular MP right now and it is wonderful

  220. What a fun thing to win. I haven’t used Mod Podge in ages. I didn’t realize that it came in different formulas.

  221. I didn’t know that Mod Podge came in different formulas. It would be fabulous to win the set 🙂

  222. I am a follower on Twitter as thepcleaguemom ! Thanks again!

  223. Hi ! I just visited your sister site: Plaid Kid’s Crafts, and found the project from 2-23-12 Recycled Paper Bracelets! Although I have a son, he would love to make a similar project using my scrapbook paper scraps that looked like SUPERHERO arm/wrist bands!!!

  224. Gold and Silver Mod Podge? Did I die and go to heaven? Can’t WAIT to try it!

  225. Mod Podge is the best! I use it for almost anything that can be glued and decopaged. I also use it to make transfers.

  226. I have been eager to get my grubby little paws on the Paper formula, would really love the chance to win all of them to try and compare.
    🙂 Natasha

  227. I “liked” you on facebook, and left a comment stating I entered the giveaway here!

  228. I love modge podge……..right now I am making Easter eggs and next Christmas ornaments…….always something
    great to do with it………..would love more ………………..

  229. i would use it for my earring projects and the wooden mosaics i make love this stuff

  230. I love Mod Podge, and have used the gloss and the matte varieties the most! I would like to try the Outdoor Mod Podge to make an Easter decoration with my 3 year old for our porch that would withstand some of our extreme weather!
    Thank you for a great set of products!

  231. Oh, now this is just fabulous!!! I have some jewelry projects coming up that these would be great for!!! And I love that there is an outdoor variety, as well!

  232. I would use the matte MODGE PODGE for my mixed media canvas work. Teaching my grandson the fun of MODE PODGE

  233. I’m already a fan on FB (Kimberly Davis.)

  234. My son just had a birthday, so I’m working on one project I need MP for: a photo of my son and a list of the things he loves, his personalities, etc., all the sorts of things we forget as time goes on.

    I also do a lot of art journaling, and I go through Mod Podge like crazy!

  235. i want to experiment into altering boxes for my daughters hair pins and jewels…and more!!!

  236. I already ‘liked’ Plaid on facebook but left a comment!

  237. I have never used mod podge but I am dying to start. Last week I bought some small clipboards and ordered a cutom wood plaque so I could try making some projects for family members!

  238. I would love to make something with all the mod podge products. The glitter ones are exciting I always like a little extra bling on my crafts.

  239. Would love to try these on my Jigsaw puzzles to glue them instead of regular glue. Plus, the shimmer with the glitter would add pizzazz to the them…

  240. I used just the glossy on all of my projects….can’t craft without it…..so all the others are new to me……I just picked up a box just so I can alter it……thanks for the chance to win these awesome products….

  241. With the holiday coming up I realy like the shamrock necklace on Plaid Kids Crafts–great ideas on that website for kids and adults!

  242. I would love to win the mod podge pack. I especially would like to try the outdoor one and make a bunch of art stuff and maybe a table with vacation pictures that you could keep outdoors…

  243. I like Plaid on Facebook and left a comment.

  244. I have a lot of bare walls that are screaming for some decor. I would love to try these formulas on some wall art.

  245. I love using it on my altered book pages. Lately I’ve been using Mod Podge with bleeding art tissue paper; loving the results!

  246. Love Mod Podge! I would use the prize on my jewelry pendents, and lots of other projects!

  247. I love using mod podge forget using a brush to apply it I just use my fingers. Lol.

  248. I would love to win this special pack of Mod Podge! Especially the sparkle! I retweeted your giveaway on Twitter. I left a comment on Facebook. I think the glitter sunglass case is really neat on the Kid’s craft page. There are so many things that could be created with the Mod Podge. Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner!

  249. I love Mod Podge!!! I am organizing my work space and I like to collage my storage boxes. I mean who wants a boring old white box, right? How else would I use all the cool images I save from magazine, calendars and everywhere else i find images from.

  250. Anything my kids can think of. They are really into artsy craftsy stuff lately! 🙂

  251. I love the Summer Necklace Pendent over at Plaid Kid’s Crafts. The pinks and oranges are shouting out calling for warm sunny days! I may have to make one this week to chase away the cold gray skies of winter.

  252. Mod Podge brings out the child in me! One of my current projects that I will certainly use Mod Podge are a variety of embellished eggs for my Easter Egg Tree.

  253. I follow Plaid on Twitter!

  254. The pig & cow tic tac toe barn over on the camp crafts on the Kid’s board is REALLY cute!

  255. I follow you on Twitter (jengd1)

  256. I’ve been wanting to try some decopage/collaging, especially after seeing the post over on Amy’s blog the other day about making a trash can out of a pretzel container!

  257. I have only tried one kind of Mod Podge so I am excited to try all the others and see the results when used on glass items in my house. Time to decorate!

  258. 2nd entry because I already follow Plaid on Facebook ( and pinterest too!) hooray!

  259. I think I’ve tried 4 of the set- would like to do more with fabric,and do the fabric covered trash can bucket/pail featured recently- too cool. I {heart} MP!!

  260. …and i already like plaid on fb. 🙂

  261. I actually have some buckets I’ve been wanting to decopage with scrapbook paper so they look nice in my laundry room!


  262. i use mod podge all the time, but have only used to gloss one. i’d use these like i do now, in my artwork and my jewelry. i’m also working on organizing my work space, so i’d also use them to recover/recycle some storage boxes.

  263. I have some zentangle that I make on paper and I want to put it on a wooden box with Mod Podge .. On the sides of the box I want to put the Glitter Mod Podge.. When I’m done I will have a new sewing box …

  264. I use MOD PODGE each day in my art room, as I make and resell so many projects with decoupaged accents. It is one of my most important supplies. I would love to try out all of these new products, I already have so many uses in my artistic minds’ eye….please choose me…..Thankful, Shara, owner of Just For You!

  265. I going to decorate a album that I’m going to made for my Big sister for her birthday and the theme is going to be the birth of her baby

  266. Thanks for the chance to win! I love using Mod Podge! I just discovered it!

  267. I am making little chipboard purses for my greatneices and would love to add as much sparkle to them as possable, they are all under 5 yrs old and just like to tote them around, looking pretty.

  268. Oh my gosh! I teach art classes and these would be so much fun for various projects!!! I am making shoe shrines, jewelry, collages and more!!! The outdoor modpodge intrigues me!

  269. i would love to try each blend of modge podge on a different project! i woudl use the modge podge face book page for inspiration!!

  270. Love Mod Podge – I am working on a mixed media map for my home office and this would be perfect timing!!

  271. I can never have enough Mod Podge! It would be awesome to have some of the sparkle Mod Podge to try out. I am working on a very special altered, girly-grunge canvas for my BFFs birthday and I think the sparkle would be terrific! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  272. i’d make a fairy treehouse for my grand-daughters to play in when they stay over. and,yes – i’d play too! cant beat a little sparkling magic x

  273. Mod Podge rocks! I would use this wonderful prize pack on my collage and mixed media pieces. Never can have too much Mod Podge!

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