Freelance Friday: D.I.Y. golden-toe maryjane pumps

Hooray! It’s Friday. What are your crafting plans this weekend? If you don’t have any, may we recommend trying this fun project out. These D.I.Y. golden toe Mary Jane pumps were created by, Elizabeth Antoinette, over on her blog Cardamom. These shoes are so fabulous. Love them! I know majority of women have a pair of plain pumps, that could use a little jazzing up. Here is a creative, and great way to make your shoes stand out. To create this project you will need some of the following supplies, Gloss Mod Podge, gold acrylic paint (might I suggest, using # 658 FolkArt metallic antique gold), and gold glitter. To see how Elizabeth crafted this design on her shoes, click here.

One Comment to “Freelance Friday: D.I.Y. golden-toe maryjane pumps”

  1. love it! the gold details make it a statement. thanks, this helped about my curiosities! HAHA xo-

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