Teaching Thursdays: Painted Eggs

By: Candie Cooper – Visit Candie’s blog, Candie Cooper’s Journal

I don’t know about you, but this girl has SPRING FEVER! From spending time outdoors to crafting, I’ve got a bad case of it. There are bits of pastel colors showing up in all my craft projects including these pretty painted Easter eggs.

For one egg, you will need a light and dark color of Folk Art paint plus the same color of Extreme Glitter. For this egg, I’m using Folk Art Teal and Jamaican Sea with Aqua Extreme Glitter. You will also need a paper mache egg, hot glue, ribbon, scrapbook embellishments, paintbrush, and a spouncer (found in the stencil section of a craft store).

Base-coat the egg in the light color and leave to dry. Don’t forget my favorite hair dryer trick to dry paint super fast! Place a dot of the darker paint on a pallet (see fancy resealable bag in background). Dip the spouncer tip into the paint and blog some off on the side. It’s now ready to make polka dots on the egg.

Once the polka dots are dry, you can apply a coat of Extreme Glitter and leave to dry. A plastic water bottle cap is a perfect prop to set eggs on while they dry.

The scrapbook section of the craft store is a good place to find embellishments for the tops of eggs. You could also make your own with ribbon bows or stickers.

Hot glue a piece or ribbon or lace around the egg followed by the flower embellishment. Finally, a use for all those pretty tiny ribbon scraps, right?

Put all your eggs in one basket or hide them one by one!


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