Tuesday Huesday: A Place to Create

What do you use your home office for? This may sound like a strange question, but believe it or not many people do not use their office as an office. Some use this room as an extra storage space, an extra bedroom, or a hobby room. Many people who craft take their office, and convert it into a craft room. Depending on the extent you craft, you may or may not need your own room designated to your hobby. However if your craft supplies are exploding throughout your home, then you may want to think about housing all your supplies in one place. In case you are looking for some creative ways to design a craft room, we can help. Take a look at this lovely room from Better Homes and Gardens. I love how it is so bright, and organized. Everything has its own place, and many items are color coordinated. To see more craft room design inspiration check out our Pinterest board.

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: #633 Baby Pink, #2586 Buttercream, #513 Cayman Blue, #684 Medium Orange

One Comment to “Tuesday Huesday: A Place to Create”

  1. My problem is that I HAVE both a craft room and a home office….I often find myself working on crafts at the desk in my office, as it is cleaner. lol. I need ANOTHER room but have no more room….my craft room cannot hold another Iris cart or room for storage. Crafting is my life, my passion!

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