St. Patrick’s Day Shoes

There are only a few days left until St. Patrick’s Day. Do you have any plans to celebrate the holiday? I know many people go all out, and dress up in green and gold from head to toe. In case you are looking to dress up your shoes for St. Patrick’s Day, try this craft project created by Kindra Boroff. These shoes are awesome! They were created with FolkArt paints, and Mod Podge. Aren’t they are so festive? This is a beginner level craft, that will take an hour or more to complete. Now you may not be able to wear these that much throughout the year, but on St. Patrick’s Day you will sure standout of the crowd. Below you will find the supplies needed to make this project, along with the instructions. Enjoy!

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Acrylic Paint: #901 Wicker White, #526 Soft Apple, #2552 Citrus Green

Mod Podge: #CS11218 8oz Fabric Mod Podge

Other Supplies

White canvas shoes, 6/8” Emerald Satin Ribbon, Shamrock fabric, Permanent fabric glue, Small green rhinestones, Masking tape, Scissors, #2 script liner, and a 5/8” angle brush.


  1. Paint the heel and tongue of the show with Citrus Green.
  2. Paint the toe of the shoe with Soft Apple.
  3. Using the end of a paint brush handle add dots on the heel and tongue with Wicker White.
  4. Tape off stripes on the side of the shoes and paint Citrus Green stripes.
  5. Cut the shamrocks from the fabric and adhere to the toe with Mod Podge. When dry apply a top coat.
  6. Using the fabric glue attach the small rhinestones to the shoe seams as shown.
  7. Lace the shoes with the Emerald satin ribbon.

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