Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding & Pattering Brush Set Giveaway

Can you believe National Craft Month is almost over? Boy time flies! This week will be our last giveaway to help celebrate National Craft Month. This week, for our fifth giveaway of National Craft Month, we are giving away some more products from Plaid’s Martha Stewart craft line. 2 lucky Paint Me Plaid readers will win a bottle of liquid gilding (gold or silver), and a patterning brush set. We will announce the winners on Paint Me Plaid, Friday (Mar. 30), in the afternoon.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use these products to create? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Like Plaid on Facebook and let us know you entered the giveaway

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The contest will end Friday March 30th, 2012 at 12 noon EST.

84 Comments to “Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding & Pattering Brush Set Giveaway”

  1. Ooh! I love the striping brush i won in a previous giveaway! These brushes would be put to use decorating frames and there projects. I love the liquid gilding, but I’m not sure what I would use it for at this time.

  2. There are about a million projects I’d do with these brushes!! But if I had to pick just one, it would have to be….for scrapbooking and for cards! I may even use the to decorate some paper beads!

  3. FraMes.fRameS.and more Frames !

  4. I would begin with a grouping of antique wood and medal-framed mirrors!

  5. I have a zillion ideas for these. . .I’d start with some very old metal and wood-framed mirrors I’ve been saving for just the right idea; then on to a child-sized antique secretary; then, well, I could go on and on and on!

  6. I tweeted this giveaway. 🙂

  7. I follow and shared on Facebook

  8. I already like Plaid 🙂

  9. I would love to use these on some book covers I made and some picture frames. I’ve never used a product like this and would just love to see how it would come out. I’ve never seen brushes like these either and although I’ve painted many things, I find them intriguing and would like to play with them to see how they work. 🙂

  10. I would love to have these for my gluebooks / mixed media tool kit.

  11. I would love to give the bottle of liquid gilding and a patterning brush set a try..I have not seen them before ..I have a old cupboard that I;m refinishing and I would like to use the liquid gilding on trim ..I would like to use the brush set on a journal that I’m making …Thank you for a change to win this is very kind of you ..

  12. I would us this on my gourds.

  13. I would use it on my gourds.

  14. the possibilities are endless on this product.. so many things you can do with it!

  15. already a big Fan on FB

  16. so many options- I’d like to paint some picture frames and do some mixed media…first- then onto other options

  17. What wouldn’t I use this on?? How much fun!! I just “raided” my parents basement and found fake fruit and a couple old picture frames that need some love and gilding!!!

  18. I would paint some door number and put them on my spring wreath.

  19. Mod Podge! What else! LOL

  20. Not sure what I would use the paint on but it looks like it would be fun whatever I pick

  21. I liked plaid on Facebook as well!

  22. I would use these products to create a spring table centerpiece…using these products to beautify and individualize a plain glass hurricaine jar!

  23. Following on Twitter.

  24. Liked on Facebook!

  25. I would use them to paint my tiny wooden table. It needs some color.

  26. I would create some wooden charms 🙂

  27. I would love to have these. I love doing rustic art projects and this would be perfect.

  28. I would gild some large pieces for jewelry design.

  29. I already like Plaid as well

  30. I have some nice cigar boxes, bet this would look great on them

  31. I dont know where to begin. I could use it on just about everything!!! I love gold!

  32. I would use them to help make decorations for the blue and gold boyscout annual dinner.

  33. A lamp, or a picture frame

  34. I already like Plaid on FB…

  35. I would try gilding some of my metal embossing (Repujado) projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize!!!

  36. like on fb and pretty brush set and gold paint =]

  37. I’d love to try this out on some thrift store frames I’ll be using as photo booth propps. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. I want to try to restore some old frames that belonged to my greatgrandmother.

  39. So many choices frames, boxes, fruit….

  40. I would use it to paint/leaf around a the edges of a tray I painted!

  41. I like plaid on face book! (actually I like plaid all the time! LOL)

  42. Would love to gild some BIG frames that I have!

  43. I have these really great but ugly painted wooden trays I got for almost nothing on clearance that I want to remake into something beautiful.

  44. I’d like to gild some natural materials to make a wreath, just for starters….

  45. I’d love to paint some knobs for jewelry hangers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Decorations! Oh so pretty.

  47. I would try it on some of my cards I make.

  48. I could paint my brass shelves in my bathroom silver!!!!

  49. I would use it on my black lamp base and make the raised flowers silver.

  50. Friday is my birthday and i would paint the town gold

  51. Oh wow this paint is awesome. i would paint on some of my glass totum poles I make. China is what i would be painting on. The brush’s would be so neat to experiment on.

  52. I’d use them on some wooden projects….tks

  53. Fun wooden projects….tks

  54. There are so many art projects you could use the brushes and the gliding for.
    I would love to win!

  55. I have the perfect wooden tray to paint with The Martha Stewart giveaway..And I follow you on Twitter..

  56. Gilding is the jewelry of crafting

  57. I would love to try gilding on some wooden frames

  58. I like Plaid on Facebook

  59. To be honest Im not sure yet. Most things just come to me when I have things in front of me. I get an idea and run with it. Things always change as you go too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. I would use both of these in my mix media art

  61. I would use this in my altered books and mixed media works!

  62. I already follow Plaid on Facebook!

  63. I like Plaid on Facebook!

  64. I would try some new designs on some art canvass I bought the other day!

  65. I follow Plaid on Pinterest too:D!

    ~Vanessa W

  66. I already ‘Like’ Plaid on fb 😀

    ~Vanessa W

  67. How exciting! I’ve never used this so I’d like to try it out on a number of things like my mixed-media art journal…edging around paper flowers, photos! Decorate designs on the photos boxes and mini albums…WOW! I could use this on anything! 😀 Thank you for the opportunity! My mind is swirling with ideas now! Thanks! 😀

    ~Vanessa W

  68. I love all the ideas plaid gives us on fb and twitter. I think these products would be great for easter and gift projects.

  69. i would use these in my mixed media pieces…

  70. Oh my goodness, this is easy … I make kusudama origami flowers and the liquid gilding on the edges wouls add of sparkle of sophistication. It would make them shine, truly shine. Karen

  71. picture frames would look lovely!

  72. I’m a FB fan and left you a message

  73. I follow you on Twitter (@jengd1)

  74. I’d love to gild some candle holders!

  75. I already follow you on Twitter. I would love to win these products and would make some Easter eggs and decorations.

  76. gourds!

  77. Nice! I’m imagining painted wooden trays.

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