Technique Thursday: How to load a flat brush

Often times when people begin crafting they usually learn through a process of trial and error. Those that have been doing this for a long time became better over time, and never actually received much instruction in the very beginning. We here at Plaid like to try and help those new to crafting, by offering simple guides to crafting techniques. Today we want to show you how to load a flat brush.

Step 1

Dampen the bristles of brush with water and blot on with a paper towel. Stroke bristles through the edge of the paint puddle, applying slight pressure and pulling color away from the puddle.

Step 2

Flip the brush over and continue to into the paint puddle filling both sides 3/4 full. Work paint into both sides. The paint should fill the brush.

Step 3

The paint should be smooth and even in the brush, with no blobs on the edges or the sides.

Brush loaded with too little paint.

Brush loaded with too much paint.

Brush loaded correctly.

One Comment to “Technique Thursday: How to load a flat brush”

  1. Pinning this one! Great post!

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