Tuesday Huesday: Accessorize with Colors

When it comes to decorating or bringing new life to a room many people immediately jump to painting their walls. While that is definitely a way to add color to a room, it is not the only way. Have you ever thought about accessorizing with color instead? Leaving the walls a neutral color, can give you a lot of variety of how you can decorate your room. Use blues, purples, pinks, whatever your heart desires. By using colorful accessories it gives you the option to change up the color in your room as much as you would like. The room pictured above is a great example of accessorizing with color. This room was featured on Better Homes and Gardens. Have you ever decorated one of your rooms with colorful accessories?

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: # 2574 Brilliant Pink, # 641 Brilliant Blue, # 644 Grass Green, # 649 Warm White

2 Comments to “Tuesday Huesday: Accessorize with Colors”

  1. That’s all I can do and the same with many renters. We moved from owning a home in Ohio (I’m a faux painter/artist, too) to renting in Florida with whitish-yellow walls. I had a time of it after having colorful walls throughout the Ohio house but now I’ve finally adapted quite a bit and my house is majorly colorful.

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