Teaching Thursday: Step Stool by Every Creative Endeavor

Hello PLAID readers!! I am so excited to be here today sharing a fun little project. My name is Amanda and I am the creator and author of Every Creative Endeavor – a fun little blog about all things DIY for you and your home! I love to make items for my house; there is just something so great about completing a project that beautifies your home. I also love making things for my kids – again, there is something so gratifying in seeing your kids love something you have made them. Today I am going to share a fun little Monogrammed Step Stool I made for my son.  We just finished potty training but I realized he would need something to help reach the toilet and the sink to wash his hands and a fun little step stool was the perfect solution!

First, I headed out to Michaels – a great store to pick up PLAID products – and found this fun little stool.

I brought it home and used #459 Hauser Green Light by FolkArt by PLAID and gave it a few good coats. This green is one of my very favorite colors! It is bright and fun and perfect for a little boy.

Next I cut out a “Q” with some scrapbook paper I had in my supplies. I used a cutting machine to cut it out so you could use one of those if you have one or just print one out on your computer and trace it onto your paper – I used to that all the time. It works great!! Using Gloss Mod Podge, I glued the letter onto the stool. I first applied a coat to the stool and then applied my “Q” and then added a few more coats over the top. TIP: If you are finding little bubbles in your letter while the Mod Podge is drying, simply take your hair dryer and apply it to the bubble and it will flatten.

I also used the Mod Podge to coat the entire stool and give it a nice little glossy shine. It turned out perfect and my son loves it!

It is the perfect little step stool to reach those high places. And yes, even I have used it a couple times to reach a few things up high in my pantry. My daughter loves it too so I may be making a fun little pink one in the near future!

Thank you so much for having me today and I would love for you to stop by Every Creative Endeavor to see what other projects I have been working on!


5 Comments to “Teaching Thursday: Step Stool by Every Creative Endeavor”

  1. Amanda,

    What a great idea and super simple too! Thanks for sharing this – I think I see one of these in my weekend crafting! Thanks also for introducing me to the Plaid site, I am a Mod Podge addict and am so happy to see all the neat stuff here as well.

  2. Thank you so much for having me today!! It is fun to be here!!

  3. cute stool! great guest post 🙂

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