A Mod Podge Variety Pack Giveaway: Dimensional Magic and Three Mod Podge Formulas

Normally Monday is not everyone’s favorite day of the week, but here at Plaid it’s one of our favorites because on Monday’s we announce a new giveaway. This week on Paint Me Plaid we are giving away a Mod Podge variety pack. Inside this variety pack it will include, Dimensional Magic, and three 8oz. Mod Podge formulas: Gloss, Matter, and Gold Shimmer. The winner will be selected and announced on Friday April 13th.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use these products to create? For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

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The contest will end Friday April 13th, 2012 at 12 noon EST.

162 Comments to “A Mod Podge Variety Pack Giveaway: Dimensional Magic and Three Mod Podge Formulas”

  1. I want to mod podge coasters and make decorations for my friends baby shower!

  2. i already follow on twitter as palespectre

  3. I would like to use them for making fridge magnets as well as to use for my papercrafts. 🙂 can’t wait. hope i get luckyyy

  4. I would use the mod podge when making favors and decorations for birthday parties and baby showers.

  5. I would use the mod podge on my scrapbook pages and for embellishments.

  6. Love your products. As an art teacher in the public school system I’d use it on a project that my students are working on. I’ve been wanting to let them try their hands at a multi media collage project and with budget cuts not all materials that I’d love to expose my students too have been at my disposal.

  7. following you on twitter.

  8. I am following PaintMePlaid on FB!

  9. I’d like to try using the dimensional magic to make scrabble tile necklaces.

  10. I would use them for various craft projects – I would use the gloss and Matt for some small pieces of furniture I need to refinish and would love to mod podge some interesting photos and graphics and I would use the Shimmer and Dimensional Magic for some photo frames, chalk board frames and a lamp that I am working on. No I do not have all these projects in the works at the same time, most of them are ideas in my head for now… I can already visualize how they all will look with the Mod Podge Variety Pack… Good Luck to everyone!!!

  11. I have been wanting to make coasters with Mod Podge forever!!!! I there are few other projects as well. Decoupaging paper onto burlap banners and burlap jar labels, to name a few more. 🙂

  12. I would use te Mod Podge to make coasters and several other things!!

  13. Not exactly sure what I would use it for, I craft on a spur of the moment quite often. Then,I dig thru my craft drawers looking for ideas. It would fill in some empty spots in the craft drawers.

  14. I love all your products. I use them to make my necklaces and rings.

  15. When I was a teen my passion was drawing and painting and recreating things. As I got older I sort of list touch with that passion due to my hectic schedule and my 3 children. In January i had some tests done and the doctor found cancer cells in my body and it sent me into a downward spiral. I was so down and out until I picked my paint brushes back up. Now I spend my time playing with my children and painting. I have made everything from things to hand on my kids walls to stuff for the outside of my house. I picked my passion back up like I never lost it and this time I won’t lay it back down bc it keeps this smile on my face! 🙂 I would love to win this product because I have never used it and would love to begin creating new things. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  16. Oh pick me, pick me! I so want this prize. Love working with Mod Podge!

  17. I am following PaintMePlaid on FB!

  18. I would use it on fabric to make projects … thanks so much for the chance to win.

  19. I have used Mod Podge to coat/seal glass-on-glass mosaic projects that go outside.

  20. I have used Mod Podge with fun tissue paper and/or napkins to cover wooden plant stands, tissue box covers etc.

  21. I have made glass-cases with Mod Podge on fabric.

  22. i love mod podge….i would love to use it on anything and everything!

  23. I’ve never tried the some of these and I can only imagine all the cool things they can be used for. I use the regular ModgePodge to seal containers for candles and decals.

  24. I would love to play with different varieties for decoupage!

  25. I just received a crafting e-mail on how to make faux jewelry using Plaid products, of which modge podge is one. winning this combo would greatly assist me in starting and completing this project.

  26. Great product for jewellry! I’d love to make a ring!

  27. I would use mod podge for my art – especially the mixed media pieces that I create with fabric. I love the way this works so well when applying fabric onto wood. And now I am especially intrigued with the DIMENSIONAL MAGIC!!!! wow… first I have heard of it. ENDLESS possibilities!!!! I have used mod podge FOREVER.. and every time I pull it out, lots of happy memories come flooding back from the art projects I have used this great product over the years! My first project was a lamp base that I covered with bits of masking tape, then brown shoe polish to create “leather” and I sealed it all with several coats of mod podge. It lasted for years!!!!!! Now that would be fun to ask your customers to tell about their first mod podge project… reviving nostalgia!

  28. I would LOVE to make some paper jewelry!!

  29. i have just discovered modpodge as an adult – have been using it for resin pendants and LOVE it!

  30. I like Paint me Plaid on fb!

  31. I would use it for scrapbooking, birthday gift boxes and greeting cards!

  32. I love using Mod Podge on my gourds. I can line the inside of my bowls with pretty fabric or stunning scrapbook papers. Mod Podge really makes my art easier!

  33. I would totally use that Dimensional Magic for the Faux Enamel Flowers featured on Vitamin C!

  34. I would use it for bookbinding.


  35. I already like Plaid on Facebook.:)

  36. I already follow you on Twitter

  37. i would use this to make a book cover and cover some wood boxes I have. 🙂

  38. i love modge podge and would love to win this prize pack.

  39. I would love to try those Mod Podge nails I have seen around the blogosphere!

  40. I Like you on FB and love Modpodge projects! I have some journal cover ideas …

  41. I’ve never used Mod Podge before, but I have been collecting old suitcases that I want to do collages on. I also have a collection of old frames, and I’d like to Mod Podge fabric scraps onto them.

  42. The Modge Podge Gold Shimmer is a new product to me. I’d love an opportunity to use it to put that little extra glimmer on elements I’d use on some vintage greeting cards that I love to make. Now I’m going to facebook to “Like” this site. Thank much

  43. I would use the Modge Podge Matte medium on a paper crafted basket to attach and cover various flower cut outs. This basket could be used to hold a little birthday happy or some money for a graduation gift. There are so many other uses for this wonderful Modge Podge medium. Love to use it.

  44. The way I’d use the Mod Podge Gloss medium would be to decoupaged the front cover of a heritage scrapbook album. I’ll be using copies of family obituaries, marriage licenses, photos, and other items.

  45. I’ve been wanting to “FANCY UP” some scissor blades by covering them with patterned scrapbook paper and then finish them with a topping of Modge Podge Dimensional Magic. It would be great if I could win this give-away. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to leave a comment to enter the give-away.

  46. i left you a message on FB!!

  47. I’d use it to decorate my new folding bike!!!

  48. I’ve never used dimensional magic. I would experiment with some magnets I’ve been wanting to try.

  49. I liked you on FB!

  50. I follow you on twitter!

  51. Ok, I must confess, I have never used Mod Podge. Now that I got that out of the way, I would love to try to make some pendants with the Dimensional Magic.

  52. I have a birthday present I am working on for my granddaughter, a jewelry box putting justin bieber on it and using mod podge to seal it with. So more podge is always a welcome thing!

  53. I want to try some jewelry making using dimensional magic.

  54. Also on Twitter!
    I can think of a million different projects to try!

  55. I’m already a Facebook fan; I’d be interested in trying some of the jewelry techniques I’ve heard about

  56. What WOULDN’T I create?!!

  57. I’d make a collage picture frame!

  58. Would love to win the sampler! I would use the dimensional on cards tha I make, and mod podge paper to some furnityre projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. Facebook fan (Michelle Hudak)

  60. Twitter follower-auntiethesis

  61. I have a wood bow that I’m planning to cover in scrapbook paper and hang on the wall…I adore Mod Podge and I just used up the last of my Matte on my drawer liners project.

  62. Anything I want! lol. I want to refinish a dresser, and I’d like to Mod Podge the outside. Then I want to line the drawers with scrapbook paper, so I’d Mod Podge them. Then, I’d want to create some cool polymer clay handles, and I’d Mod Podge them. After that? I have an entire house to transform, so I need all of the Mod Podge I can get my hands on! Thank you for the chance to win.

  63. I’ve never used the Shimmer ones, I’d love to try that on anything! And I’ve been saving up some bottle caps that would be fun to put small trinkets in with the Dimensional Magic.

  64. I will use it to create crafts with my grand babies. They love using ModPodge to create “stained glass” by mixing it with your paints.

  65. I re-tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter!

  66. I am now following you on Twitter

  67. I follow Plaid and ModPodge on Facebook.

  68. I haven’t ever tried the Glass Lustre but I would try it for a different affect in decoupage and in my art journal pages.

  69. Hi, I would use the Dimensional Magic for embossing and to make jewelry pieces!

  70. To steal a line from Melody Ross of BraveGirls, ModPodge is “Soul Glue”, there isn’t anything I DON’T use it on! I would use the gold shimmer on my mixed media pieces to give them some glitz.

  71. I would love to use the Dimensional Magic to make charms with bottle caps and paper. I think it would be better than epoxy!!

  72. I would use the mod podge shimmer to create some wooden monograms for the family

  73. I would use the matte to make antiqued picture frames

  74. I would use the Mod Podge gloss to make yard decorations for mother’s day.

  75. I would use the dimensional magic to make 3-D necklace charms.

  76. I would work n my art journal and decoupage my art dolls!

  77. I’ve never used this product before. I have several paper mache boxes and frames that I would love to decorate w/ papers/tissue. They would make wonderful gifts for various family members.

  78. I would make some pendants using scrabble tiles.

  79. I would love to try it on some jewelry and other craft items for the summer. We love your plaid fb posts!

  80. wow, it’s new to me…i’d experiment with the dimentional on some little boxes with surprises on the inside. gold shimmer i’ve never tried. sounds great, i’d love to play with it!

  81. Would love to try the dimensional!!! I have been a follower on facebook!!!

  82. I would love to try Dimensional Magic on some jewelry pieces and Mod Podge on some indoor decor. The gold shimmer would give a nice sparkley sheen to decorative objects.

  83. I like Plaid on Facebook.

  84. I would use it for alot of projects. My first is I want to make eggs with it. Also I would use it for just about all my projects I want to do. Just havent done yet. Heard Mod Podge is the best to do these with. Thanks for the chance.

  85. I would decoupage colorful paper onto a shoebox to make it into a re-usable gift box. Thanks for the chance to win Mod Podge.

  86. I have eggs on my mind! I’d like to try an eggshell mosaic pendant with a coating of Dimensional Magic.

  87. I follow you on facebook and twitter.

  88. I facebooked Modge podge.

  89. I would use the Dimensional Magic to alter the back of my phone case.Have several great ideas to use. i like to be different an crafting gives me the freedom to change items ,to reflect my personality. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. I love decoupage so I guess since it is my number one thing to do I’d use the mod podge on decoupage.
    LOL that all rhymes.

  91. I like Plaid on facebook and would use these great things on some very fun projects for friends and family like a mini album.

  92. I’d love to try Dimensional Magic! I can never find it in the stores here.

  93. I will use this to revamp some old furniture from a thrift store

  94. Day camp is coming and we use lots of Mod Podge products to get us through our week of Girl Scout day camp. Love the Dimensional magic. Fun stuff!

  95. I’m already a FB Fan & left a comment that I entered the Giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!!

  96. I already am a Follower on Twitter!

  97. modge podge rocks man =]

  98. I would like to use the Dimensional Magic, to make pendants using Vintage images.

  99. I love Mod Podge for any decoupaging-type project. I’m getting ready to glue book pages to dominoes, so will be using it for that!

  100. I would make an owl scrap paper canvas!

  101. I follow Plaid on Twitter @klcmaher

  102. I like Plaid on Facebook (Kay Crismon Maher Philips)

  103. Right off the top of my head I am not sure, but I know my grandkids could help me think of something! Maybe bottlecap necklaces, or I could use it to decorate my barstools, or that cute little chair I need to redo!

  104. I already liked on facebook and I would use them along with ym Plaid paint on the gift I am making for my friends daughters 1st birthday!

  105. I use Mod Podge on everything!!! I love it!!!
    But, I haven’t tried the dimensional yet. I’m wanting to make some paper on canvas projects & I bet that would be awesome!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  106. I paint paper bookmarks. Insread of laminating the i podge them to stiffen them and to give them a protective coating.

  107. My son is in the Army & he is getting married in May. I’d use it for decorating the bridal shower.

  108. I love mod podge!!!! I used it a lot in mynart journal and mixed media pieces!

  109. I’d cover everything in beautiful paper

  110. I would be on happy crafter if I could win the variety pack! I’m making some tags,art journal..

  111. I have several pendants just waiting to be created!

  112. I have pieces & parts of a canvas project that are just waiting to be put together!

  113. I already “like” plaid on facebook

  114. I have so many DIY projects coming up I could definately use some mod podge!

  115. I have already liked on facebook!

  116. I use it to create Wooden Pendent pieces for necklaces!

  117. I love to collage with blocks of color from magazine pages and build them into figures like dogs. With these different finishes I could paly and play…

  118. I have liked Plaid on Facebook!

  119. I want to make decoupaged furniture with this kit!

  120. I follow Plaid Crafts on Twitter

  121. I like Plaid on Facebook

  122. I would love to win this variety pack! I want to make kids crafts with it.

  123. I like Plaid on Facebook

  124. I follow Plaid on Twitter (@blissmade)

  125. I love Modge Podge, I would make some picture frames with it!

  126. I’ve been wanting to repurpose a set of old suitcases into a stacked storage table. These would be perfectly used for embellishments on the outside.

  127. I would use it for making ONCE UPON A TIME ATC cards!!! It works awesome and it’s easy!!

  128. We also “liked” Plaid crafts on Facebook and shared this post on our wall.

  129. We shared this post via our Twitter Feed @ThePovertyBarn.

  130. My daughter and I would use these in our small business (www.povertybarn.net) to create all kinds of fun new products. We already use most of them to make things like jewelry and paper clips, and I have been using a lot of Mod Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to canvas when creating beautiful home decor pieces. We love your products and we like you on Facebook!

  131. I already “Like” Plaid on Facebook and am leaving a comment.

  132. have not seen gold shimmer before–so would like to that for some mixed media canvases or jewelry. and the rest I am dyin to try the dimensional Magic! the remainder?? need more! pick me pretty please! ❤

  133. I follow Plaid on Twitter!

  134. I would definitely experiment with them a bit. I would also use them in journaling and jewelry making.

  135. Already liked on FB!

  136. being a private art teacher and a teacher of Summer Art camps I can think of a multitude of projects that this giveaway could help my Students and myself! I use Many Plaid/Mod Podge Items in my everyday art and teaching! thanks for all the great project ideas and the materials to use them.

  137. WOW what couldn’t you use this stuff for? Hair things for my girls, decorations for their rooms, cards, any and all paper crafting, maybe even some fabric things too!

  138. Ooooh! I’ve never used Gold Glimmer before. I’d love to try it out on a lamp base I want to cover.

  139. i use mod podge in my collages and mixed media work, but have never used the gold shimmer – that would be great in theses pieces too. i’d use the dimensional magic for making jewelry pieces.

  140. Spring flower pots

  141. I would use them to modpodge photos on canvas and to make coasters

  142. I’d use the dimensional magic to make some magnets, and the shimmer to add a little gloss to some three-d items. The others would be for general craft purposes.

  143. I use it for darn near everything (it’s like the duct tape of the crafting world!)… collage, trading cards… always looking for new ways to use it. Will be trying it out as a transfer medium next. Sooner if I win this package, lol!

  144. I use Modge Podge on many projects.. wood birdhouses… scrapbook binder covers, so many possibilities. Love MP…

  145. Oh I would use it to finish up my Gratitude Journals and give a try at those wooden slab photo transfer projects!

  146. I would use it to try new things and experiment. My arm is in plaster after breaking my wrist and I have used the time online looking for new crafts (as if I don’t do enough already!) lol

  147. I use Mod Podge to place dried flowers and plants on my gourds. It does a wonderful job and people are amazed at the results!

  148. I would use it to try new things and experimrnt

  149. I use Modge Podge for my coasters and jewelry.

  150. Awesome! I use Mod Podge in my jewelry projects and would love to have some more!

  151. I would use modpodge on 4-H projects with my kids for fair. There are so many things to do with modpodge like coasters, flower pots, jewelry, and etc…

  152. I use modpodge on photos on canvas

  153. I have Christmas projects in my mind this week. Gold shimmer would be fabulous for handmade ornaments!

  154. I would use them to create clothing and props for stop motion animation puppets, as well as jewelry, artist trading cards, and fabric art

  155. I’d use modpodge to work in my art journal, giving surfaces different looks and textures.

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