Teaching Thursdays: Hydrangea Vase

Don’t you just love flowers, especially during this time of year? I know I do. They can lighten up any room in your home, and looking at them can just make you smile. Personally I don’t buy flowers as often as I like, because I hate to see them dry up and die. I do better with faux flowers and plants, don’t judge me :). I also enjoy crafts that incorporate flowers into them, like this hydrangea vase. This is a pretty “stained glass” project made with Gallery Glass. Holli Long designed this project. This craft project is a bit more advanced, and is an intermediate level craft. Welcome in spring by creating this lovely vase.

PLAID Supplies

  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Crystal Clear, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Snow White, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Blue Diamond, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Amethyst, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Lime Green, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Accessories – Tool Set
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Yellow Ochre, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Surfaces – Leading Blanks, 10 x 18
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Aqua, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Fresh Lime, 2 oz.
Other Supplies
Clear cutting glass or light table
Large vase
2 small votives


  1. Squirt equal amounts of Snow White, Amethyst, and Blue Diamond on the Leading Blank.  Smooth and mix paint a bit with the palette knife.
  2. Repeat the above step with Aqua, Blue Diamond, and Crystal Clear.
  3. Repeat once more with Lime Green, Fresh Lime, and Crystal Clear.
  4. Place a Leading Blank over a piece of lined paper and trace the lines with Lime Green.  Make seven or eight lines.
  5. With the Yellow Ochre, drip straight from the bottle onto the Leading Blank to make the flower centers.
  6. Set all aside to dry overnight.
  7. Place the flower and leaf patterns under the Leading Blanks.  Use your craft knife to cut design elements.
  8. Clean and dry the glass surfaces and assemble Gallery Glass as shown in the photo.
  9. Use Crystal Clear Window Color to fill in all areas, between flowers, stems, and leaves.

One Comment to “Teaching Thursdays: Hydrangea Vase”

  1. This is awesome 🙂 Love it..

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