Freelance Friday: Re-Style Your Jeans with Plaid Sequins

A hot trend right now for spring and summer fashions are embellishments. This is a trend that can be seen on anything ranging from handbags, to tops. We here at Plaid want to share a cool way you can embellish your jeans with some sequins. Typically when you think of Plaid thoughts of paint, and mod podge may come to mind, but did you know we make sequins too? We are just full of surprises, and great products. Let me introduce you to Plaid’s no sew iron on sequins. Ideal for trimming t-shirts, evening wear, skating and dance outfits, costumes, jeans, and home décor/craft projects! Each package features complete application instruction, 1 sheet of iron-on placement film and care suggestions. A blog friend of ours, Anne from Wobisobi, used our sequins to re-style her jeans. This is such a chic project. It took barley anytime to create, and only requires a few supplies. Click here to see how Anne made this.

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