About Plaid Enterprises

Plaid Enterprises has been proudly making paint in the USA for 35 years, since 1976.  Our company inspires both craft hobbyists and professional artists alike with a wide array of industry-leading, award-winning products for creative living. Plaid’s core brand of crafting products such as Bucilla, FolkArt, Apple Barrel, Gallery Glass and Mod Podge are known throughout the creative community for their high-quality and versatility. Plaid continues to inspire consumers within the craft world and beyond with new and inventive product offerings in categories like jewelry, surfaces, fashion crafting and more.

Plaid-black2 Wkyft

We have a strong portfolio of brands in a variety of crafting categories.  The following five brands include our acrylic paints and are the focus of this blog.

AB logo FolkArt FolkArt-OneStrokeLogo GalleryGlass Logo Simply Screen

Our paint is safe! Click here to learn more.

8 Comments to “About Plaid Enterprises”

  1. I got Modge Podge galore for my gift this past week from my mom for Christmas!!! can’t wait to play with the glitter,shimmer and sparkle!!! so fun!! I think I enjoy it more now than when I was a kid…will be blogging about what I make soon! 🙂

  2. I just LOVE Extreme glitter!! I used “Peridot” on Christmas ornaments I am painting and oh my – just BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait to use the other colors. Thank-you Plaid!

  3. was wondering if you sell kits of the projects you display on facebook,would love to purchase them if so

  4. Love your paints. I paint a lot of old windows for Arts & Crafts Festivals and the enamel paint is awesome. I am looking for a paint that I can paint on cars that will not wash off with rain. Do you have a paint that can be used to paint cars?

  5. I enjoy painting on glass but have a difficult time finding all the colors that I need at our craft stoes here in Canada.
    We are coming to Georgia in the Fall and I was wondering if you have a store where you make the paint in Norcross
    that a person can buy the enamels.
    Thank You

  6. I love using folkart paints, all of them the fabric paints, I use the enamel paints a lot also, as well as the outdoors paints, I just wish I could get them at my Craft Store in my area, here in Canada, They seem to have less and less of the Folk art paints each time I go into the store!

    I do a lot of One Stroke painting, after being taught the one stroke technique, and love being able to make so many gifts with my crafts!


    Mary J.
    Burlington, Ont. Canada

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