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May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: A Festive Sombrero

When people think of May they generally think of Mother’s Day, however there is another reason to celebrate this month and that’s Cinco de Mayo. This festive holiday is approaching quickly, and will be here this weekend. In case you are planning to throw a little fiesta gathering here is a must have item you will need. A sombrero can be used not just to wear, but also as a festive centerpiece for your party. Another creative way to use this item is to line the hat rim with napkins and fill with chips. Kindra Boroff designed this sombrero. It was created primarily using FolkArt Acrylic Paint. This is a beginner level project that will take just about an hour to complete. Below is a full list of supplies you will need, and the instructions to create this project. Do you have any plans for Cinco de Mayo?

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Acrylic Paint: 901 Wicker White, 2553 Lime Green, 643 Azure Blue,  2546 Bright Pink,  437 Lipstick Red

Plaid Tools: 1534  1 ¼” Spouncer,  1” Flat Brush

Other Supplies

Straw sombrero, Blue and white striped 1 ½” ribbon, Hot glue, Turquoise felt, Lime felt, Red felt, Hot pink felt, Tulle, Scissors, Large clear rhinestone.


1. Base-coat approximately 4” on the top and bottom rim of the hat with Azure blue.

2. Add some 1” to 2” inch stripes using Bright Pink, Lime Green, and Lipstick Red in that order on the remaining rim of the hat.

3. Base-coat the top of the hat with Azure Blue.

4. Using Bright Pink, Lipstick Red, and Lime Green, spouncer polka dots as shown.

5. Cut a large flower shape from the turquoise felt and a piece of white tulle. Repeat with the other colors of felt, making each flower a little smaller. Hot glue the flowers together and add a rhinestone in the center. Hot glue to the hat.

March 27, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Flowers and Pearls Headband

Spring has sprung! This sweet headband is the perfect way to celebrate. It looks so pretty with a dress for a special spring occasion, or slip it on to dress-up a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. Laura Bray designed the adorable headband. To see more creations Laura has made, check out her blog, Katy Diddy. It’s a beginner level craft that can take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Extreme Glitter-2766 Neon Pink, FolkArt Extreme Glitter-2768 Neon Yellow, FolkArt Paint-521 Lemon Yellow

Other Supplies

Plastic headband, Straw flower, Vintage faux pearls, Craft glue, Small square of white felt


  1. Paint headband in FolkArt paint in Lemon Yellow. Once paint is dry, apply a coat of Extreme Glitter in Neon Yellow.
  2. Paint center of flower in FolkArt paint in Lemon Yellow. Once paint is dry, apply a coat of Extreme Glitter in Neon Yellow.
  3. Apply two coats of Extreme Glitter in Neon Pink to the flower petals. Make sure you allow the Extreme Glitter to dry between coats.
  4. Glue vintage or faux pearl beads around the center of the flower.
  5. Glue flower onto side of headband. To secure, apply glue to one side of felt square and glue to the back of the flower. Make sure headband is securely glued between the felt and the flower.

March 6, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Three-Tiered Jewelry Stand

Last week we introduced many of you to the 7 different formulas of Mod Podge, for many this was the first time you even new of more formulas. In case you are a bit overwhelmed on the best ways to use them, let us help you by offering a suggestion. Let’s begin with the gloss formula. In case you didn’t know Mod Podge gloss works great on glass! This stand will store your trinkets with style. Designed by Cathie and Steve, this three-tiered jewelry stand will make sorting and finding your accessories a little less harder to find. Below find all the supplies you will need, along with instructions.

PLAID Supplies

Mod Podge ® Gloss, 8 oz.

Other Supplies
Tiered cookie stand – clear glass
Decorative scrapbook paper
Fiskars scissors
Old book pages


1. Disassemble the stand. Wash the glass plates and thoroughly dry.

2. Cut out the pattern ladies (or a different image) from scrapbook paper.

3. Apply Mod Podge to the top of the pattern ladies cutouts. Place onto the backside (underside) of the glass plates. Press any air bubbles with your fingers.

4. Cut old book pages into squares, apply a coat of Mod Podge to the papers and apply to the plate over the pattern ladies. Top coat with a layer of Mod Podge. Continue adding more book page squares until the entire plate is covered.

5. Do this for each plate. Once they are all dry, reassemble the stand.

February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Spring Topiary Art and Vases

Welcome spring with fresh translucent color. Try this fresh new project technique, featuring Gallery Glass. This project was designed by one of our talented designers, Julie Lewis. Nothing brightens up your home more than some spring decor. This spring topiary art and vase, are perfect additions to any home. Place this project on a mantle, or window. See below for all the supplies you will need, along with instructions.

PLAID Supplies

  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Snow White, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Clear Frost, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Surfaces – Leading Blanks
  • Gallery Glass ® Liquid Leading™ – Black, 4 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Hot Pink, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Autumn, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Lemonade, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Aqua, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Light Green, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Rusted Pipe, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Mediums – Crackle Medium, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Wicker White, 2 oz.

Other Supplies

Hole punch ¼”- 1/8”, Craft knife, Plastic spreader, Combing tool or toothpick, Stencil brushes 1/8”-1/4”, Flat brush ½”-1/4”, Picture frame with glass 11” x 14”, Square glass vases, Wood candlestick 1 7/8”, E 6000 adhesive, and Tape


  1. Create multiple lead lines on one leading blank. Spread window color onto other blanks with plastic spreader and set aside to dry (at least 12 hours).
  2. To crackle picture frame and candlestick, base coat both with Rusted Pipe.
  3. Apply crackle medium in a slip slap pattern with flat brush. Let dry.
  4. Apply Wicker White top-coat in same manner and cracks will appear as paint dries.
  5. Make two copies of topiary pattern. Pattern is scaled for an 11 x 14 frame but, can be enlarged or reduced for other frame sizes.
  6. Place one pattern under glass and secure with tape.
  7. Use other pattern under leading blanks to cut out desired pieces with craft knife to create topiary. Use hole punches to make circles.
  8. Place lead lines onto glass as shown and to create topiary pot. Use a dot of liquid leading from bottle to secure where cut lead lines meet.
  9. Apply window color to pot and comb with combing tool to spread.
  10. Use stencil brush to apply Clear Frost around outside border and to pot.
  11. Use same processes on glass vases as shown.
  12. Glue candlestick to bottom of vase with E 6000.


February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Pretty Stacking Organizers

Organization is a skill that can be taught. For many people they often struggle to stay organized, and have a hard time finding necessary items in a timely manner. Well we here at Plaid have the prefect solution to solve this issue. These pretty stacking organizers can make organizing papers, easy and pleasing to the eye all at the same time. This craft is a fun way to keep your desk tidy! These stacking organizers were created by, Kirsten Jones.

PLAID Supplies

  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Bright Baby Pink, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Pink, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Wicker White, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Licorice, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Fresh Foliage, 2 oz.
  • Mod Podge ® Gloss, 4 oz.
Other Supplies
Stackable wood trays (small medium and large), 1 piece of scrapbook paper per tray, ½” paintbrush, Small liner brush, Pencil, and Scissors


  1. Base-coat boxes with Wicker White, let dry.
  2. Paint small box Fresh Foliage, medium box with Bright Baby Pink and large with Pink. Let dry.
  3. Using box as a pattern, cut paper to fit on all four sides.
  4. Following general directions on Mod Podge bottle, apply paper to trays. Let dry.
  5. Paint bottom of each tray with Licorice. Let dry.
  6. Using liner brush and Wicker White add words to the inside bottom of each tray.
  7. Let dry, then seal with a coat of Mod Podge.
February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Decoupaged Valentine Jar

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope today you will have a lovely and happy day. In case you have sometime to craft today here is a great project that you can create. This decoupaged Valentine jar is not only cute, but it’s a useful craft. Store all your Valentine’s Day goodies in this jar, and display it in your home or office. This jar was designed by, Sherrie Ragsdale. See a list of supplies, and the instructions for this project below.

PLAID Supplies

  • Mod Podge ® Matte, 8 oz.

Other Supplies

Red paper with white dots, Red and white striped paper, Pink paper with white dots, Pink ribbon, Pink buttons, Hot glue gun, & Jar


  1. Cut out red/white dot paper to fit the lid of jar and the front of jar. Glue in place.
  2. For the front of the jar, cut out a square from the red paper with dots. Next, cut out a slightly smaller square (approximately 1/2 smaller square), from the striped paper. Center and adhere smaller square to larger square using Mod Podge as your glue.
  3. Cut out one small heart from the red striped paper and one small heart from the pink paper with white dots. Set aside.
  4. Cut out a medium heart from the red paper with dots and a medium heart from the solid pink paper. Set aside.
  5. Glue medium pink heart to the top. Center and glue small striped heart on top of pink heart.
  6. Glue medium red dotted heart on top of the square paper. Center and glue small pink heart on top of red heart.
  7. Glue the square paper with attached hearts to the front of the jar.
  8. Add pink bow and buttons as shown in photo using hot glue.



February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Glittery Valentine’s Wreath

One of our favorite craft bloggers, Laura, just showed me this wonderful project she created to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I love the simplicity of this Valentine’s wreath. Laura was able to get this wreath for a steal. She snagged it at Michaels when they were having a 70% off sale. Awesome! The poor wreath had just survived the Christmas shopping holiday, so there were some spots on it that needed to be touched up. No problem, Laura just dabbed some our FolkArt Red Extreme Glitter paint on those areas. To see how Laura made this wreath check it out here on her blog, Katy Diddys.

January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Pretty in Pinks and Purple Table Decor

Can you believe that this is the last day in the month of January? I know I can’t. The year is already flying by, and before you know it Valentine’s Day will be here. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your table with some Valentine’s decor, then you will love this pretty in pinks and purple table decor. This project was created by one of our designers, Trenice Bishop. She created these adorable decorations using Apple Barrel paints. Click here to learn how to create this project for your own table.

January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Decoupage Citrus Glass Plates using Mod Podge

One of our favorite craft blogs, Pretty Hand Girl recently shared this easy decoupage glass plate craft project with us. It is super simple and cute. It’s also a great upcycling project. So get out some of your old dishes and give them a renewed look for this new year.

The materials you will need:

  • Mod Podge Glossy
  • Paint Brush
  • Jar of Water
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Paper Towels
  • Scrapbook Paper (thin works better)
  • Glass Plates
  • Recycled Jar or Cans to Dry Plates on
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


1. Clean the bottom of the glass plates with glass cleaner.

2. Trace around the plate on the scrapbook paper.

3. Cut out the circle.

Click here to see the conclusion of how to create this project.