Learn to Paint

Do you want to learn to paint?  You have come to the right place!  We have several resources available to help you get started. 

One Stroke – with this easy stroke method, anyone can learn to paint!

With the FolkArt® One Stroke™ program, developed by renowned decorative painter Donna Dewberry, anyone can learn to paint! This stroke-by-stroke teaching method makes learning to paint flowers and other designs easy. With teaching guides, videos and books, the method is foolproof. Just load the brush, practice and paint!

To get started with One Stroke, watch the introductory videos from Donna below. Then click here for more instructional videos; you’ll be painting in no time!


Learn to paint a Cabbage Rose:


Click on one of the links below for more Donna, including projects:

DD icon Donna’s Blog Dewberry CraftsDewberry Official Site PJ_EUE_2990Projects

Articles – additional reading material on painting basics

A Beginner’s Brush Guide

5 Comments to “Learn to Paint”

  1. i wish i could be as good as you omg your amozing girl.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love you Donna your so good

  3. I find your method wonderful, it is great fun and the result is really good.
    Thank you.
    Françoise (from France)

  4. I love Donna and her one stroke painting. love all her paint brushes ,paints n books. wish i can get them. tried to buy on line but was not successful.I am in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I think it is difficult to get it here. Checked all the books shops here but dont have.

  5. I love Donna and her wonderful approach to art that we all can do. Thank you, Plaid for supporting and sponsoring Donna’s painting and crafts!

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