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March 24, 2012

Scene it Saturday: Strawberry Shortcake Nail Art with FolkArt Paint

One of the hottest craft and fashion trends this spring, are polka dots. This trend is an easy one to incorporate, as seen in this YouTube video. Add some polka dots to your nails with FolkArt paint. In this quick how-to video you will learn how to re-create this look in no time. This is a great project to try out over the weekend. Have you ever painted your nails with polka dots. Click below or here to see this video.

January 9, 2012

Meet FolkArt

Are you familiar with FolkArt? If not here is a refresher. FolkArt was developed for both strokework painting and a variety of decorative craft activities, the FolkArt line of paints features amazing colors in a variety of formulas and finishes to inspire your creativity. Perfect for decorative painting, artist-quality FolkArt Acrylic Colors offer superior hide and a creamy consistency for exceptional blending and brushability. In addition to the acrylic colors, FolkArt also has enamels, extreme giltter, chalkboard, and outdoor paint. These finishes are a great way to make your craft project stand out. From beautiful hand painting to stylish stenciling and design techniques, FolkArt delivers outstanding results. Explore more about FolkArt here.You can find FolkArt paints at most major craft stores, and we carry it online at Plaid Online. Also click here to view several projects made using FolkArt paints.

May 5, 2011

Sanding Basics with Chris Williams

Get ready to prep your wood surface.

Many crafters and painters are curious about sandpapers, sanding tools and why we sand a surface to begin with.  I thought I would share a little of my Sanding 101 knowledge with you. 

So, just what is sandpaper? Sandpaper as we know it today is made of these components:  paper or fabric backing, grit, and the adhesive to hold the two together. When rubbed against a surface, sandpaper will smooth rough areas. Sandpaper can be purchased as flat paper, in rolls or belts.  It can also be purchased in the form of a sanding block, disc or sponge. I found an article on which states that sandpaper can be traced back to 13th century China where it was made of crushed shells, seeds and sand. It wasn’t until 1834 that a patent was processed for the first mass-production assembly, when finely crushed glass particles were used and the product was known as glasspaper!  However in 1916, the 3M Company began developing different abrasives for different types of surfaces as well as improvements in backing.

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April 15, 2011

“I Love Ewe” Painted Sheep Frame

Hi!  It’s Chris Williams, Plaid Designer.  Here is a craft project that not only is fun, but can be enjoyed at Easter time as well as year round! Who doesn’t love fun furry lambs and checkerboards? This is a great project for beginners and so easy to do. Now let’s get started gathering supplies including FolkArt Acrylics, buttons, glue, a few paint brushes, a lamb wood cut out and a $1.00 frame!

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April 13, 2011

Make Your Own Easter Chick Placecard Holder

Plaid designer Chris Williams adds fun and whimsy to your Easter table with her cute chick placecard holders.  You can whip up several of these at once, use them for placecards and then give everyone their own unique gift to take home!  Here’s the complete tutorial from Chris herself.


No Easter Sunday dinner table would be complete without “chickie” place card holders, right? Why not dress up your Easter dinner table with this idea? It is fun and easy to do. First gather your basic crafting supplies and add a few FolkArt Acrylic colors too.

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March 25, 2011

TGIF Project: Make a Patina Penny Ring

I was tickled to find this Patina Penny Ring made by Erin at Crafts & Such.  Why?  It uses my absolute FAVORITE FolkArt color: Patina!  If you are looking for an inexpensive and quick jewelry project (and not just because it’s a penny!), this is the one.  The copper of the penny and the Patina are beautiful together, don’t you think?  Make several for gifts – and have some good luck at the same time!  Visit the tutorial on Erin’s blog right here.

February 28, 2011

Make It Monday: Whimsical Fruit Centerpiece

It’s still winter in so many parts of the world, but my mind is already moving towards spring and summer projects.  I was surfing the other day for some cool ideas and found this whimsical painted fruit by Sara at Creative Jewish Mom.  Sara says it will “make them smile” and it definitely did me!  It’s such a fun litttle basket, and you can freestyle it – no professional skills required.  Go here for the full entry and to see what Sara used to make the fruit. 

Tip – The fruit is actually Styrofoam!  Our best paint for Styrofoam is Apple Barrel.  It gives great coverage.

January 3, 2011

Make it Monday: Distressed Snowman Spindle

It’s finally cold here in Georgia, which probably has many of you laughing because you’ve already been experiencing winter for awhile.  Are you looking for a craft project to brighten up those winter blues?  How about a snowman spindle painted with Apple Barrel!  I love him because he’s colorful and cheery, and he adds the perfect touch to a side table or centerpiece.  He’s also a true budget craft, because Plaid designer Kirsten Jones reclaimed a wood spindle and already had paints on hand – so she didn’t spend $1 to make him.  If you are looking for pieces of scrap wood to use as painted surfaces, try a brand new subdivision with houses under construction.  Always ask first though!  Here’s how our friendly snowman is made.

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October 18, 2010

Have you visited the Plaid Crafts YouTube channel?

If you haven’t visited the Plaid Crafts YouTube channel, come by today!  We’ve just filmed a huge number of fall crafting videos and will be releasing new ones weekly – everything from ghosts to glitter to glue.  Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our awesome paints!  There’s plenty of that too.  In the video above, Plaid designer Candie Cooper shows you how to make a gorgeous fall centerpiece with FolkArt Metallics, Extreme Glitter and Mod Podge as a finish.  Hope to see you on YouTube soon!

October 6, 2010

Downtown Historic Norcross Art Fest

by Jacki Schklar

Atlanta ‘burb Norcross, Georgia, has an old-fashioned historic feel complete with train tracks, iron park benches and cool shaded walkways. This community also hosts one of the brightest and best run art festivals, Downtown Historic Norcross Art Fest. Over 170 Folk, Craft  and Fine Art exibitors arrived from all over the nation to be a part of this juried show. Exibitors appreciate how well organized this event is, with  helpful volunteer support.

Folk Art Cow Painting

Folk artist Peggy Thibodeau from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,  displays a friendly cow painting (above). Tom Blunt of Richmond, Virginia, puts his handy-man skills from reparing and restoring houses to use building delightful Funky Folk Art robot sculptures from wood, metals and scrap materials (below). Peggy and Tom both use FolkArt Acrylics in their artwork.

Funky Folk Art

Blockhead Arts Folk Art Collage

Marian Baker, of Blockhead Arts implements found and unconventional items to works creating  vintage feel Folk Art mixed media pieces. She gives repurposed material such as game boards, trading cards and book pages new life in her art. (see image left)

Create Folk Art

Carolyn Cordell uses paint and mediums in her low relief acrylic paintings which she calls “metal paintings.” Carolyn uses FolkArt Acrylics in her inventive technique of simulating embossed sheet metal. Carolyn reminds us to live creatively in this original picture, which just might be a self portrait.

The sister festival to Downtown Historic Norcross Art Fest, Dunwoody Art Festival, will be held in May of 2011.