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April 28, 2012

Scene it Saturday: DIY Decoupage Furniture

By now you probably know that Mod Podge is an essential product to craft with, but did you know it could be used on furniture projects as well? Here is a video that displays a great example of this. Watch this video to see how a basic black table was recreated into a stylish table, all with the help of some Mod Podge. To view this video click here, or push play below.

Supplies Needed:
– fabric
– mod podge
– sponge brush
– scissors
– something with a flat edge for smoothing

February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Pretty Stacking Organizers

Organization is a skill that can be taught. For many people they often struggle to stay organized, and have a hard time finding necessary items in a timely manner. Well we here at Plaid have the prefect solution to solve this issue. These pretty stacking organizers can make organizing papers, easy and pleasing to the eye all at the same time. This craft is a fun way to keep your desk tidy! These stacking organizers were created by, Kirsten Jones.

PLAID Supplies

  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Bright Baby Pink, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Pink, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Wicker White, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Licorice, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Fresh Foliage, 2 oz.
  • Mod Podge ® Gloss, 4 oz.
Other Supplies
Stackable wood trays (small medium and large), 1 piece of scrapbook paper per tray, ½” paintbrush, Small liner brush, Pencil, and Scissors


  1. Base-coat boxes with Wicker White, let dry.
  2. Paint small box Fresh Foliage, medium box with Bright Baby Pink and large with Pink. Let dry.
  3. Using box as a pattern, cut paper to fit on all four sides.
  4. Following general directions on Mod Podge bottle, apply paper to trays. Let dry.
  5. Paint bottom of each tray with Licorice. Let dry.
  6. Using liner brush and Wicker White add words to the inside bottom of each tray.
  7. Let dry, then seal with a coat of Mod Podge.