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May 1, 2012

Floral ZigZag Maracas

Since Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching, we here at Plaid wanted to share with you another project you can create for this occasion. Shake up some fun using these Floral ZigZag Maracas. One of our fabulous designers, Kindra Boroff created these maracas. These were made using FolkArt paint, FolkArt Extreme Glitter, and Mod Podge. This is an intermediate level craft that will take 2 hours to complete. Be the life of the party with these bright and festive maracas. Enjoy!

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Acrylic Paint: 2553 Lime Green, 2578 New Leaf Green,  412 Magenta, 660 Pure Gold

FolkArt Extreme Glitter: 2836 Champagne

Mod Podge: CS11305 4oz Matte

Plaid tools: 1534 1 ¼” Spouncer,  1” Flat

Other Supplies

6” Paper mache eggs, Large dowel rods, Dried beans, Brown craft paper, Hot glue, Sandpaper, Scissors, Gloss Sealer


1. Cut the dowel rods into 2- 11” pieces. Sand the edge of one side to create a smooth handle.

2. Cut a hole into the bottom of the paper mache eggs and fill with dried beans. Add hot glue to the un-sanded end of the dowel rod, insert into the egg, attaching to the inside top of the egg. Hot glue around the hole of the egg and the dowel rod.

3. Cut pieces of craft paper and Mod Podge to the egg and the handle to create a finished look.

4. Base-coat the maracas with New Leaf Green. With the masking tape create a zigzag pattern as shown.  Tape off thin stripes on the handles. Paint with Lime Green.

5. Remove tape and paint the flowers onto the maracas with Magenta. Add Pure Gold centers to the flowers. Add Champagne glitter to the centers.

6. Seal with gloss sealer.

April 24, 2012

Tuesday Huesday: Color Blocking A Room

Color blocking is a design concept, and fashion trend that is very hot right now. Mainly when people think of color blocking they typically think in terms of fashion and accessories. I’m sure you have seen several color blocking editorials in the latest fashion magazines, and on mannequins in the mall, but did you know you could color-block a room in your home? This is non-traditional concept, and a daring one as well. If done correctly you can have a look like the living room pictured above. This image is from Martha Stewart, and I love the way this room was decorated. The pops of green hues against the deep neutral tones compliment each other very well. So if you are in the mood to re-decorate any room in your home, be bold and opt to color-block it.

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: # 954 Fresh Foliage, # 407 Kelly Green, # 467 Italian Sage, # 679 Turner’s Yellow,


March 26, 2012

Make it Monday: Metallic Bracelets

Have you ever used jewelry in a craft project? Well if you are looking for a new project to try, this is one you will love. With spring in full bloom, many are brightening up their wardrobes to reflect the new season. These metallic bracelets will make a great addition to any wardrobe, and anyone’s outfit. Wooden and colorful accessories are very big trend right now, and will make any ensemble you wear standout. This is a beginner level project that will take 1 to 1 and a half hours to complete. One of our talented designers, Trenice Bishop, created these bracelets.

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Metallic Paint – 664 Copper, FolkArt Metallic Paint – 676 Inca Gold, FolkArt Metallic Paint- 654 Amethyst, FolkArt Metallic Paint – 652 Rose,  FolkArt Metallic Paint – 658 Antique Gold,  FolkArt Metallic Paint – 659 Pearl, FolkArt Artist’ Pigments – Aqua, ModPodge

Other Supplies

Small craft brushes, Wooden bracelets (find at your nearest accessory store)


Colored Diamond Bracelet

1. Paint the center diamond shape of the wood bracelet with Metallic Amethyst.

2. Paint the top right and bottom left corners of the diamonds with Metallic Rose.

3. Mix the Aqua and Pearl White Metallic paints together and use the mixture to paint the top left and bottom right corners on the opposite sides.

4. Paint the outer tops of the bracelet with Metallic Antique Gold.

5. Let Dry.

6. Use a paint brush to coat the outsides of the bracelet with Mod Podge.

Wooden Golden Bangle

1. Take the wood bangle, and paint a 1/4 section metallic gold.

2. Paint two lines in Inca gold on opposite site of the metallic gold square.

3. Let dry.

4. Use a paint brush to coat the outsides of the bracelet with Mod Podge.

Here is the final outcome.

December 23, 2011

A Personalized Christmas Ornament

By: Sherrie Ragsdale


FA Metallics: 676 Metallic Inca Gold, 657 Metallic Regal Red

FA Extreme Glitters: 2792 Red, 2786 Gold, 2796 Hologram

FA Acrylic Paints: 2578 New Leaf Green, 2553 Lime Green

Other Supplies: Large Red Glass ornament, Printer, 1/4″ Gold Ribbon, 5/8″ dauber, 1/4″ dauber, Liner brush


1.  Purchase a red glass ornament.

2.  Add red extreme glitter to the glass ornament using the 5/8″ dauber.

3.  Outline a lime green circle with the liner brush.

4.  Using the 1/4″ dauber, add lime green dots on top of the line.

5.  Add two more rows of dots.

6.  Print a letter from the computer and transfer it onto the center of the ball. Paint with the inca gold and then add extreme glitter once it dries.

7.  Add hologram extreme glitter to the wreath.

8.  Add Metallic regal red berries using the end of the liner brush.

9.  Add red extreme glitter to the berries.

10.  Add a gold bow to the wreath.

November 29, 2011

Tuesday Huesday: Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

Are you as addicted to Pinterest, as much as we are here at Plaid? Over the past couple of months we have started to hear from other pinterest fans, about their love for this site. It is very easy to become addicted to browsing all the wonderful images found here. There are so many great things on display. I recently visited Pinterest to gather some ideas for Christmas home decorating. I came across the image above, and it immediately caught my eye. This image was pinned by Centsational Girl. Often times I feel that there is an unwritten rule that states, all Christmas decorations must only be in traditional red, and green colors. I know there is no real rule, but I seem to always gravitate towards the traditional colors. Well this year I have decided to shake things up a bit, and be non-traditional when it comes to my Christmas colors. I love the use of jeweled toned hues. I definitely plan to incorporate fuchsia, electric blue, and more metallics in the mix. Have you used non-traditional colors in your Christmas decorations before?

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: #2233 Parisian Pink, #724 Evergreen, # 944 Nutmeg, and # 2578 New Leaf Green.

November 28, 2011

Make It Monday: Holiday Sleigh Holder

By: Sherrie Ragsdale

With all the holiday decorating approaching, you might need an extra place to act as a storage holder. Why not re-create this holiday sleigh holder.Use this sleigh holder to store ornaments, party favors, or even drinks for your annual holiday party. Regardless what you put inside this sleigh, this is a great holiday project to make.

Plaid Supplies:

FA Acrylics: 437 Lipstick Red, 2578 New Leaf Green, 2553  Lime Green, 2573 French Vanilla

676 FA Metallic Ince Gold

2538 FA Chalkboard Paint  Red

FA Extreme Glitter paints: 2786 Gold, 2796 Hologram

Other Supplies Needed:

14 1/2 in.  x 6 1/2 in.  wooden box , Two 6 3/4″ J’s, Two 6 3/4″ I’s, 3″ wooden circle, 1″ wooden square, 1/8″ gold ribbon, 1/4″ masking tape, 3/4″ masking tape, E6000, glue, Two small eye screws, 3/4″ flat brush, 1/2″ flat brush, Liner brush, 1/4″ dauber


1. Basecoat the box with french vanilla.

2.  Cut out a rectangle from a scrap piece of paper and tape to the one side of the box.  Tape on the underside.

3.  Using the 1/4″ and 3/4″ masking tape, tape off crooked stripes over the paper.

4.  Paint the stripes in lipstick red, new leaf green and lime green.

5.  Remove tape and the rectangle paper.

6.  Tape off the outside of the rectangle and paint the inside with red chalkboard paint.

7.  Basecoat the inside of the box with lipstick red.  Paint the rim of box with inca gold and once dry add gold extreme glitter.

8.  Basecoat the letters with metallic inca gold.

9.  Add gold extreme glitter to the gold letters.

10.  Tape off a 1/4″ border around the red chalkboard paint.

11.  Paint inca gold.   Add gold extreme glitter on top. Remove the tape.

12.  Basecoat the wooden circle with new leaf green.

13.  Add hologram extreme glitter on top of the new leaf green.

14.  Paint the ornament holder in inca gold in the left upper hand corner of the box.

15.  Add gold extreme glitter on top.

16.  Use a wooden square to pop out the ornament.  Glue it in place.

17.  Glue the legs to the bottom of box.

18.  Screw the small eye screw in the front of sleigh.

19.  Glue the ornament on top of the wooden square.  Tie a bow with the 1/8″ gold ribbon and glue to hanger of ornament.  Paint dots in inca gold.

20.  Add gold extreme glitter to the gold dots.

21.  Add lipstick red and lime green dots using a spouncer.

22.   Paint black swirls on the “j” and “i”.  Once it is dry add gold extreme glitter.  Using the 1/8″ gold ribbon, tie it to the small eyescrew.

November 21, 2011

Make It Monday: Glitter Holiday Shoes

Plaid Supplies:

FA Fabric Paint: 4426 Licorice

FA Acrylic Paint: 437 Lipstick Red

FA Extreme Glitter Paints: 2792 Extreme Glitter Red, 2797 Extreme Glitter Black

Other Supplies:

Two 1/2″ wooden disc, #5 round brush, 1/2″ flat brush, Liner brush, 5/8″ dauber, 5/8″ Black ribbon, Two pearl buttons gems, & Hot glue


1.  Paint over the existing design with licorice using the #5 round brush.

2.  Cut six strips of the black ribbon to 6 1/2″.

3.  Paint the two round disc with lipstick red.

4.  Using the 5/8″ dauber add red extreme glitter to the red disc.

5.  Add three coats of  black extreme glitter to the ribbon. Allow to dry between coats.

7.  Loop each of the ribbon piece and glue.

8.  Squeeze the centers together and glue.

9.  Glue three of the loops together.

10.  Use the liner brush and paint three lines crossing in the center of disc.

11.  Using the end of the #5 brush add a dot to the center of the snowflake.

12.  Make two small lines coming from each line.

13.  Add dots to the ends of each part of the snowflake

14.  Glue the disc to the center of the ribbon flower and then glue the pearl button.

October 6, 2011

Teaching Thursdays: Elegant Witch’s Hat Centerpiece

This project was created by Holli Long. To see more of Holli’s work visit her blog, Every Days A Holli Day.

I’ve always wanted to paint a witch’s hat for my yearly Halloween decorations.  I found this little baby at Michaels and couldn’t resist!  I decided to use the beautiful new Elegant Halloween trend to paint it.  It’s a quick project, this one taking me just a couple of hours one morning.

I decided to basecoat the hat with Licorice to begin with, but definitely wanted the hat to be glittery silver when I was finished.

I double loaded a large flat brush with Light Gray and Silver Sterling and coated the entire hat.  Every so often, I would pick up a little bit of Gunmetal Gray to add to the mix.

When it was dry I painted three light coats of Silver Extreme Glitter over the entire surface.

I freehanded these swirls with a liner brush, using Metallic Sequin Black.  This paint is thin enough that I didn’t have to add water to it to make these beautiful swirls.

I used hot glue to add the ribbon and bat as embellishments.

Elegant Witch’s Hat Centerpiece Supplies:

Folk Art® Acrylic Colors: 424 Light Gray, 928 Licorice

Folk Art® Metallic Colors: 662 Metallic Silver Sterling, 667 Gunmetal Gray

Folk Art® Extreme Glitter: 2787 Silver

Paper Mache Witch’s Hat, large flat brush, liner brush, orange sheer ribbon, black rick rack, black bat with glittery wings embellishment

October 3, 2011

Make it Monday: Elegant Halloween Wreath Decor

Project created by Julie Lewis

Halloween has always been a favorite and fun holiday. It’s not just for kids anymore and Halloween crafting and décor is fast becoming a seriously hot trend. Pairing elegant with Halloween takes crafting in a new direction and this hanging wreath shows what levels you can go to.

Here is what you’ll need:

FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – 479 Pure Black, 660 Pure Gold, 741 Glazed Carrots, 2577 Toasted Vanilla

FolkArt® Extreme Glitter™ – 2786 Gold, 2793 Orange, 2797 Black

FolkArt® Crackle Medium – 696

Wood bird cut out, 3” wood disk, 14” paper Mache or wood wreath, Black feathers, Glue, #1 Liner brush, ½” Flat brush,

Pencil, Black/Cream damask ribbon, Wire, Scissors, Antique gold purse/drapery ring, a Ruler

Gather your supplies…

Basecoat your wreath and bird with Pure Black.

Let dry thoroughly.

Generously apply Crackle Medium to wreath in a slip slap motion.

This is what it will look like when completely covered. Set aside to dry while you go on to something else. It should lose its shiny appearance when dry.

Apply Black Exteme Glitter to bird. Let dry between coats and apply as many coats as desired for maximum glitter.

Paint your wood disk with Glazed Carrots and when dry, apply Orange Extreme Glitter. Extreme Glitter is awesome anytime but, it’s especially awesome for Halloween!

Now let’s crackle! It’s no secret that I love crackle so I have to use it again here. Apply Toasted Vanilla in the same slip slap motion all over the wreath.

Try not to overlap where you started as it will already have crackled by the time you get around the wreath. It’s so cool to watch!

Ta da!

Paint the inner and outer lip with Pure Gold.

Now apply the Gold Extreme Glitter.

Rub your pencil over the back of your flying witch pattern.

Trace onto your glittered disk. Press hard as the surface will be slightly rough.

It will be slightly hard to see but, there will be enough to go by.

Paint your witch with a liner brush in Pure Black. Keep your pattern handy to refer to if any parts are too hard to read.

Paint a few starburst shapes and you are done with the moon!

Paint accent lines on crow with liner brush. Create eye by using opposite end of brush dipped in paint.

Starting at sixteen inches, cut lengths of ribbon descending in size to about nine inches.

Fold each length in on itself and glue at the center.

When all your loops are glued, stack them and tie in center with wire.

Fan the loops out to create bow.

Glue a small piece of ribbon around center to hide wire.

Cut two lengths of ribbon and glue back to back for hanger.

Glue feathers to bottom end of wreath.

Glue bird and moon in place.

Glue bow and hanger ribbon in place.

Thread ring through loose end of hanger and secure at desired length.

Originally elegant!

September 29, 2011

Teaching Thursdays: Fall Welcome Wreath

By: Kindra Boroff

Fall is officially here, and now is the time to welcome it with this wonderful fall wreath. This is an intermediate skilled project. This project can take up to 2 hours or more to complete. Enjoy! Show us your fall door wreath, send them to


FolkArt Acrylic Paint- #666 Antique Bronze, # 515 Vintage White, # 527 Forest Moss

1 ½”Spouncer, 1” Flat brush, #1 Script liner, 16” foam wreath, 12” floral craft ring, 2” satin brown ribbon, T-pins, E6000 epoxy glue, Reindeer moss, Craft stick, Rubber gloves, Wood plaque, Woodsie shapes, Acorns, Sandpaper, Candle, Hot glue, Transfer paper, Pencil


  1. Using the foam spouncer and Antique Bronze base-coat the foam wreath. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath, crossing the ribbon in the front and back as shown and pin into place.

2. Base-coat the craft ring with Forest Moss. Wearing the rubber gloves spread the epoxy glue on the craft ring. Press the reindeer moss into the glue. Let dry.

3. Using six petals per layer, glue three layers of petals to create the flower to a small circle. Paint flowers Antique Bronze. Paint the center circles with Antique Bronze. Rub the candle wax on the edges of the center and paint Vintage White. Sand the edges to let the Antique Bronze show through. Glue to the center of the flower.

4. Basecoat wood plaque with Antique Bronze. Apply candlewax to the edges of the plaque. Paint with Vintage White, allow to dry and then lightly sand the edges.

5. Using the transfer paper, trace the words “WELCOME” to the plaque. Paint the words with Antique Bronze.

6. Paint acorns with Antique Bronze. Assemble the wreath using hot glue.