Calling All Night Owls!

Calling All Night Owls
Let’s face it. Between the kids, work, the house, and everything else, for a lot of us, the best time is late at night when everyone is asleep. So seize the opportunity!

Martha Stewart is debuting her brand new line of craft paint on HSN at 1 a.m. Who says there’s nothing one after the late night shows? Martha is! She and Alex Perruzzi will introduce a line of home decorating kits including:

  • Home Decor Kit
  • Adhesive Stenciling Kit
  • Painting Tools Kit
  • Spray Gun Kit
  • 4, 6 oz. Paint Mediums
  • Multiple 2 oz. Paint kit Assortments including:
    • 18 Satin Colors – Brights and Muted
    • 12 Glitter Colors – Brights and Iridescent
    • 12 High Gloss Colors
    • 12 Metallic/Pearl Colors
    • 160 Colors including 80 Satin Colors, 20 High Gloss Colors, 20 Metallic/Pearl Colors and 40 Glitter Colors

Find out more about Martha’s craft paints here and don’t forget to tune! Not a night owl? Don’t worry! Martha will be back on HSN tomorrow, July 21, at 6pm. We’ll be sure to remind you!

One Comment to “Calling All Night Owls!”

  1. I have my DVR set, in case I’m not up at that time. Can’t wait

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