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April 17, 2012

Tuesday Huesday: Decorating with Tangerine Tango

By now I am sure you have heard about the hottest color of the spring, Tangerine Tango. It is everywhere, especially when it comes to clothing and home fashions. For many it may seem easier to wear this hot color, than to decorate your home with it. This orange hue is a bright, vibrant color that can scare people to use in their home. Don’t be fearful of experimenting with bright non-traditional colors in your home. There are several ways you can add a color such as tangerine tango to any room, without going overboard. Take this bedroom pictured above; it uses tangerine tango in a chic way. I found this image on HGTV. They give several other ways to decorate with Tangerine Tango, which can be found here. The bedroom above pairs this hot color against a soft blue, and neutral white color. By adding tangerine tango to these less vibrant colors, it creates a nice balance. This is something that can easily be recreated in your home, by adding colorful accessories. The next time you’re concerned about playing with color, try adding a small accessory like a pillow or chair. Are you excited or nervous to decorate your home with vibrant colors?

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: # 2252 Blue Mist, # 628 Pure Orange, # 429 Winter White, and # 452 Raw Sienna




March 19, 2012

Make it Monday: Chevron Tray

The chevron pattern is one of the hottest craft trends this year. This pattern has been seen everywhere, from furniture to clothing. Here is a great project that incorporates this popular trend. This chevron tray is so cute. Trays are a great surface to craft on. Have you ever tried upcycling a basic tray? See below how you can create your very own chevron tray. This is a perfect craft project to create for spring. Have you created anything with the chevron pattern lately?

Plaid Supplies

  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint – 901 Wicker White
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint – 2553 Lime Green
  • Mod Podge

Other Supplies

  • Painting trim kit with roller, Painter’s tape, Craft knife, measuring tape or small ruler, Paintbrush for touch ups, and Foam paintbrush


1. Using the paint roller in the trim kit, coat the bottom and sides or the tray with Wicker White.

2. Let dry and repeat. Give the tray a second coat to insure even coverage.

3. Create the chevron pattern using the painter’s tape and measuring tape or ruler. Use the craft knife to cut the tape in corners or to remove excess.

4. To prevent bleeding a light coat of Wicker White can be applied over the edges of the painter’s tape pattern.

5. Use the paint roller to apply Lime Green paint over top of the chevron pattern and sides of the tray.

6. Let dry for several hours.

7. Remove tape revealing the completed pattern.

8. Use a paint brush to correct any bleeding.

March 12, 2012

Make it Monday: Silver Mirror

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of a wonderful week. We hope you had a good weekend, and remembered to change your clocks. Once we change the clocks, it signals that spring is fast approaching. Here in Atlanta it feels like spring is already here. We have had the pleasure of experiencing some nice weather recently. During the spring season many people begin doing some spring cleaning, and spring shopping. Home decor, is all the rage especially this time of year. In case you are looking for a cost effective way to spruce up some of your home items, may we suggest slapping on a new coat of paint. I know this may sound simple, but actually a new coat of paint on a piece of furniture can breathe new life into your home. Take this silver mirror, designed by Laura Whitlow. This mirror was given a new life, by adding some FolkArt paint to it. How chic is this? Give it a try for yourself. Enjoy!

PLAID Supplies

  • FolkArt ® Stains – Walnut, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Silver Metallic, 8 oz

Other Supplies

Soft cloth for glazing
Fancy frame


1.Roughly sand piece to remove factory polyurethane finish….then prime.

2. Paint with Folk Art Silver  – apply  two coats.  When completely dry, sand with 80 grit sandpaper to distress edges.

3. Using a soft rag, apply Walnut stain, using more on the distressed edges.

4. Add new hardware to update piece – we chose something with some “bling” – choose what fits your space and taste!


January 10, 2012

Tuesday Huesday: Color Your Craft Room

The beginning of the year is the most popular time for people to want to organize their lives. For many people one of the biggest things they want to organize is, a room in their home. If you are crafter, more than likely you craft room could use some organization. All month here on Paint Me Plaid, and, we have been posting projects and articles to help give you suggestions on how to organize your crafts. Here is another great example of how to organize your craft room. I recently stumbled across this image online. I love how this basic bookshelf was turned into a creative storage space. It also doesn’t hurt that the color scheme has a Valentine’s theme to it. This would be a very simple way to get organized. Have you recently organized a room in your home, if so leave a comment telling us what you did.

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: # 611 Barnyard Red, # 462 Burnt Umber, # 431 French Vanilla, and # 2575 Deep Tomato Red

January 6, 2012

Freelance Friday: Deer Family Throw Pillow

How long does it take you to get out of the holiday coma? A holiday coma is the state of being where you unconsciously let your holiday decorations stay up way after the holiday have ended. You know some people still have their Christmas tress up, and won’t take them down til February 🙂 I can understand why some people are not in a rush to dismantle their holiday decor. It is festive, fun, and can easily put a smile on your face. In case you are still in the mood to craft another holiday themed decoration, let me suggest this Deer Family Throw Pillow. This pillow was designed by, Beckie, over on Infarrantly Creative. To create this adorable pillow Beckie used Plaid’s Simply Screen Kit. To see how this pillow was created click here for the complete step by step instructions.


January 3, 2012

Tuesday Huesday: A Splash of Color

Is home decorating one of your new year’s resolutions? Well if so there are some great new trends to look to for inspiration in 2012. One trend with home decor is adding a splash of color to your rooms. According to Deborah Wecselman of DWD Inc. she suggests starting with neutral hues of taupe, beige, cream, grey, black and white, and then adding unexpected pops of color with bold accessories from bright yellow paintings to royal blue vases. This nursery is a great example of this trend. The base of the room is painted white, and then there are several accent colors used to spice things up. The standout out color is the Tangerine Tango hue. This color by the way is the top color pick of 2012 according to, Pantone. So keep this in mind when you are about to decorate one of your room in this new year. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color.

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: #629 Red Light, #903 Tapioca, #513 Cayman Blue, #455 Medium Yellow

December 21, 2011

Glass Apothecary Candy Jars

By Julie Lewis

Glass apothecary jars are all the rage right now especially for the holidays. They are a beautiful and functional accent to your seasonal décor, yet can be a bit pricey. Here’s a very inexpensive and easy way to create your own apothecary jars using recycled and upcycled elements…then painted for a unique and whimsical look. Plaid Designer, Julie Lewis shows you how using dollar store candlestick holders and grocery store condiment jars.

What you’ll need:

FolkArt® Enamels™ Paint – 4001 Wicker White, 4039 Calypso Sky, 4121 Forest Moss, 4140 Aqua

FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – 524 Calypso Sky

FolkArt® Extreme Glitter™ – 2790 Turquoise

¼”, ¾” tape

¾”, 1 ¼”, 1 ¾” foam spouncers

Craft glue

E 6000

¼”, ½” flat brush

#1 Liner brush

Assorted wood knobs/balls/wagon wheels

Glass candlesticks – Dollar Tree

Glass grocery jars w/lids – labels removed and jars thoroughly washed


Assemble your supplies and let’s begin.

Apply Aqua enamels paint with spouncer to your glass candlesticks. Only apply up to the decorative rid at the top of the candlestick. Set aside to dry.

Glue your assorted wood pieces together to create three distinct finials.

Paint your finials and your three lids to the glass jars with acrylic paint Calypso Sky. Let the lids dry thoroughly between coats.

Apply several coats of Turquoise Extreme Glitter Paint to lids and finials.

They look pretty glittery and rich when dry…set aside while you paint your jars.

Wrap two rows of ¾” tape at the bottom of each jar. Remove bottom row and wrap above top row.

Remove tape below your top most row and this is the area you will apply paint to.

Apply several coats of Calypso Sky enamels paint with spouncer. Remove tape before paint dries to prevent pull up.

Create snowmen around one jar with assorted spouncer sizes in Wicker White.

Tape off triangle shapes on another jar using ¼” tape. Apply Wicker White and remove tape.

Create large dots around third jar with largest spouncer in Forest Moss.

Paint details with liner brush and create all dots using opposite end of paintbrush dipped in paint.

Here’s how they look finished! At this point, your jars and candlesticks can be baked referring to enamels bottle instructions or it can be air dry cured for a longer time.

Apply E 6000 is candlesticks and attach to bottom of jars.

Glue finials to jar lids with craft glue to finish.

Just fill with peppermints or holiday candy…even ornaments! Festive and fun for your holiday enjoyment.

December 20, 2011

Tuesday Huesday: White Christmas Decor

Only 5 more days until Christmas. Aren’t you so excited? I know I am. No doubt you are putting the final touches on your decorations, but if you still need some inspiration for a table-scape take a look at this one created by, Martha Stewart. This table-scape design has a White Christmas theme to it, and this year the White Christmas theme was a huge holiday trend. Click here to learn more about the trend. I love the colors used to create this table decor. The color hues are soothing yet vibrant. This table looks so pretty. If you would like to learn how to create the topiary used in this table-scape click here.

This palette was created using FolkArt acrylic paint colors: #444 Patina, #420 Linen, #491 Christmas Green, #675 Champagne


This palette was created using


December 18, 2011

A Simply Screen Family Tree Design

During the holiday season many families gather together. It’s often a great time to reconnect with your loved ones, and spend quality time together. While you are with your family you might start to ponder about your family history or genealogy. That’s exactly what inspired Meg from Mega Crafty to create this adorable pillow. Meg used Plaid’s Simply Screen DIY Kit. This design is very nice and has a classic vibe to it. It makes a great home decor item, and could also be a great gift to create for a family member. Click here to see how Meg created this project. She also gives you a free printable to go along with this project. Thanks so much Meg for sharing this wonderful pillow with us.

December 13, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Simply Screen Stenciled DIY Pillow Project from Tatertots and Jello

It’s day 2 of Simply Screen week here on Paint Me Plaid. Today we are showing off this project that was created by Jen, from one of our favorite craft blogs, Tatertots and Jello. When I first saw this pillow case, I was so amazed. It looks like something I could see in Pier 1, or another home decor store. I love it. Jen created this stenciled quatrefoil pillow using Plaid’s Simply Screen DIY Kit. Click here to see step by step how Jen created this project. This is a great and inexpensive way to add some holiday decor to your home.