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March 29, 2012

Teaching Thursday: Repurposed Lampshade

Have you done any spring-cleaning yet? How about some spring decorating? Spring is a great time to clean up, and start fresh. Perhaps there is a room in your home you need to organize. Or you have been looking forward to adding new decorations to your room. Here is a project that can bring new life to any room in your home. A repurposed lampshade is a great spring project. Kindra Boroff, a designer here at Plaid, created this one. This is an intermediate project that will take 2 or more hours to complete. If you are like me, I often have a hard time finding the exact type of lampshade I picture in my mind, well here is a solution. Create your own lampshade. Use this exact design, or use it as inspiration to create whatever you envision.

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Acrylic Paint- 938 Licorice, 424 Light Gray, 2551 Moon Yellow

FolkArt Painting Stencils-30599 Debbie Floral

Simply Stencil Value Packs-30502 7×10 Stencil blank

Plaid Brush  Set- 250534 Learn To Paint Set

Plaid Spouncer-1528 Medium Spouncer Set

Other Supplies

Medium white lampshade, Masking tape, Xacto knife


  1. Cut the zebra print stencil using the provided pattern or create your own.
  2. Stencil the zebra print to the lampshade with Light Gray.
  3. Stencil the large flower onto the lampshade with Moon Yellow.
  4. Using Licorice and the liner brush outline the flowers. With Licorice add polka dots and paint the top and bottom trim.
March 8, 2012

Teaching Thursdays: Painted Eggs

By: Candie Cooper – Visit Candie’s blog, Candie Cooper’s Journal

I don’t know about you, but this girl has SPRING FEVER! From spending time outdoors to crafting, I’ve got a bad case of it. There are bits of pastel colors showing up in all my craft projects including these pretty painted Easter eggs.

For one egg, you will need a light and dark color of Folk Art paint plus the same color of Extreme Glitter. For this egg, I’m using Folk Art Teal and Jamaican Sea with Aqua Extreme Glitter. You will also need a paper mache egg, hot glue, ribbon, scrapbook embellishments, paintbrush, and a spouncer (found in the stencil section of a craft store).

Base-coat the egg in the light color and leave to dry. Don’t forget my favorite hair dryer trick to dry paint super fast! Place a dot of the darker paint on a pallet (see fancy resealable bag in background). Dip the spouncer tip into the paint and blog some off on the side. It’s now ready to make polka dots on the egg.

Once the polka dots are dry, you can apply a coat of Extreme Glitter and leave to dry. A plastic water bottle cap is a perfect prop to set eggs on while they dry.

The scrapbook section of the craft store is a good place to find embellishments for the tops of eggs. You could also make your own with ribbon bows or stickers.

Hot glue a piece or ribbon or lace around the egg followed by the flower embellishment. Finally, a use for all those pretty tiny ribbon scraps, right?

Put all your eggs in one basket or hide them one by one!


March 1, 2012

Technique Thursday: How To Use FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paint – Basic Instructions

Have you ever used FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paint? In case you have not here is a little information about this amazing paint. Add an elegant, fine glitter finish to your next painting or home décor project with FolkArt® Extreme Glitter. This brush-on glitter paint lets you add eye-catching glitz and shimmer to terra cotta, wood, paper mache and other porous surfaces without the mess of traditional glitter and glue. Use these 3 simple steps to add FolkArt extreme glitter paint to your next project.

Step 1: Lightly sand project surface (if needed).

Step 2: Base coat with a FolkArt Acrylic Color.

Step 3: Apply 2-3 coats of FolkArt Extreme Glitter. Let dry between coats.

We love to see projects our readers have created. Please feel free to post craft projects to our Facebook fan page to share. Have any projects where you have used, FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paint? We’d love to see them.

February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Spring Topiary Art and Vases

Welcome spring with fresh translucent color. Try this fresh new project technique, featuring Gallery Glass. This project was designed by one of our talented designers, Julie Lewis. Nothing brightens up your home more than some spring decor. This spring topiary art and vase, are perfect additions to any home. Place this project on a mantle, or window. See below for all the supplies you will need, along with instructions.

PLAID Supplies

  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Snow White, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Clear Frost, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Surfaces – Leading Blanks
  • Gallery Glass ® Liquid Leading™ – Black, 4 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Hot Pink, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Autumn, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Lemonade, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Aqua, 2 oz.
  • Gallery Glass ® Window Color™ – Light Green, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Rusted Pipe, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Mediums – Crackle Medium, 2 oz.
  • FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Wicker White, 2 oz.

Other Supplies

Hole punch ¼”- 1/8”, Craft knife, Plastic spreader, Combing tool or toothpick, Stencil brushes 1/8”-1/4”, Flat brush ½”-1/4”, Picture frame with glass 11” x 14”, Square glass vases, Wood candlestick 1 7/8”, E 6000 adhesive, and Tape


  1. Create multiple lead lines on one leading blank. Spread window color onto other blanks with plastic spreader and set aside to dry (at least 12 hours).
  2. To crackle picture frame and candlestick, base coat both with Rusted Pipe.
  3. Apply crackle medium in a slip slap pattern with flat brush. Let dry.
  4. Apply Wicker White top-coat in same manner and cracks will appear as paint dries.
  5. Make two copies of topiary pattern. Pattern is scaled for an 11 x 14 frame but, can be enlarged or reduced for other frame sizes.
  6. Place one pattern under glass and secure with tape.
  7. Use other pattern under leading blanks to cut out desired pieces with craft knife to create topiary. Use hole punches to make circles.
  8. Place lead lines onto glass as shown and to create topiary pot. Use a dot of liquid leading from bottle to secure where cut lead lines meet.
  9. Apply window color to pot and comb with combing tool to spread.
  10. Use stencil brush to apply Clear Frost around outside border and to pot.
  11. Use same processes on glass vases as shown.
  12. Glue candlestick to bottom of vase with E 6000.


February 27, 2012

Make it Monday: Lucky Plaque

Happy Monday everyone. How was your weekend? Hopefully you had a good one. It’s a new week, and can you believe that the month of February is almost over? March will arrive this week, which means St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Are you still looking for some craft projects to make to celebrate this holiday? Well we can help. Here is a great project to try, this Lucky Plaque. This project was designed by, Laura Bray. It is a beginner level craft project, that will take up to an hour to complete. See below the supplies you will need, and instructions on how to create this plaque. Enjoy!

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt Extreme Glitter-2796 Hologram, FolkArt Extreme Glitter-2857 Royal Blue, FolkArt Paint-429 Winter White, FolkArt Paint-526 Soft Apple, FolkArt Paint-484 Brilliant Ultramarine

Other Supplies

Wood plaque (5” X 20”), Wood shamrock (4” x 4”), Wood letters spelling out “LUCKY” (4” tall), Craft glue, Green and white polka dot ribbon


  1. Paint wood letters in FolkArt-Brilliant Ultramarine.  Allow paint to dry.
  2. Once paint is dry, apply two coats of Extreme Glitter-Royal Blue to the letters.  Allow to dry between coats.
  3. Using FolkArt paint in Winter White and Soft Apple,  paint the wood plaque.
  4. Once paint is dry, apply two coats of Extreme Glitter-Hologram to the plaque.
  5. Paint the shamrock shape.  Paint stripes on the shamrock using FolkArt Brilliant Ultramarine, Soft Apple, and Winter White.  Allow to dry, then apply two coats of Extreme Glitter-Hologram over the shamrock.
  6. Glue letters onto plaque, spelling out the word, “Lucky”.  Make sure you leave room to attach the shamrock later.
  7. Glue shamrock to the top right corner of the plaque.
  8. Attach green & white ribbon to the plaque.  Tie bows where attached.  Hang and enjoy your unique St. Patrick’s Day décor!
December 23, 2011

Plaid’s 12 Days of Christmas: 2 Days to go

Usually during this time of year I often end up baking a lot. I love to bake this time of year, and usually like to try our a new cake recipe. I usually have one dilemma when I back, and that is what to display it on. Well luckily one of our designers here at Plaid, Julie Lewis, created this amazing Snowflake Cake Plate. This plate is so festive and fun. Deck your dessert table with a truly unique hand crafted cake plate. If you too would like to make this cake plate click here to find the step by step instructions.

December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Joy Bottle holders

By: Sherrie Ragsdale


FA Enamels: 4035 Metallic Silver Sterling, 4002 Warm White, 4039 Calypso Sky, 2799 Glitter Silver

2790 FA Extreme Glitter Turquoise

30470 Plaid FA Peel and Stick Painting Stencils

Other Supplies:

Three re-purposed bottles, Three clear glass disc ornaments, 1/4″ dauber, 5/8″ dauber, Masking tape, Liner brush, 1/8″ silver ribbon


Here is the before photo.

1.Tape off the bottle with masking tape to make random stripes.

2.  Using the 5/8″ dauber, paint the stripes with metallic silver sterling.

3.  Add a calypso sky stripe.

4.  Add a warm white stripe.

5.  Remove tape.

6.  Add silver extreme glitter to the silver stripes.

7.  Add the snowflake adhesive stencil and stencil in warm white using the 1/4″ dauber.

8.  Stencil small snowflakes in calypso sky.

9.  Add dots using calypso sky with the end of a paint brush.

10.  Fill the ornament with the extreme glitter turquoise.  Shake until the inside of ornament if covered.  Add more if needed.

11.  This is the ornament completely filled.  Set up side down and allow to excess to drain out.

12.  Paint “JOY” on ornaments in warm white upside down.

13.  Tie a 1/8″ silver ribbon to the top of bottles.

14.  Place the ornament holder back into the ornament and place in bottles.

December 18, 2011

Plaid’s 12 Days of Christmas: 7 days to go

Here is a great holiday recycle project you can make. If you just ordered some Chinese takeout, your in luck. We have a great project you can create using these left over boxes. Try creating this Holiday Forest Chinese Box. This was designed by one of our designers, Kindra Boroff. See below all the supplies you will need, and the instructions below.

PLAID Supplies

  • FolkArt ® Artists Pigments™ – Pure Black, 2 oz.
  • Mod Podge ® Dimensional Magic, 2 oz.
  • Mod Podge ® Matte, 4 oz.

Other Supplies

Chinese takeout box, Scrapbook paper, 1/8” Red satin ribbon, Hot glue, Scissors, Hole punch, Pop dots


  1. Carefully unassembled the Chinese box. Using the sides as patterns, trace on the polka dot paper. Cut out and adhere to the sides with Mod Podge.
  2. Trace a section of the tree lined paper for the front of the box. Cut the trees out. Adhere to the front of the box with Mod Podge. Cut 2 more trees out individually.
  3. Apply a coat of Dimensional Magic to the trees and allow to dry completely.
  4. Attach the 2 separate trees to the front with pop dots as shown.
  5. Cut 3 ½” circle from the green striped paper. Using the circle as a template, create a scalloped edge larger than the circle. Lay the green circle on top of the polka dot and glue with Mod Podge.
  6. Trace a small circle around the bird and glue to the center of the large circle. Apply Dimensional Magic to the small circle.
  7. Hot glue the red ribbon around the edge of the box as shown.
  8. Punch two holes in the circle tag and tie to the top of the box with red ribbon.
December 7, 2011

Web Wednesday: Coffee Lover’s Snowflake Gift Set

Recently a blog friend of ours, Brittany, over at Pretty Hand Girl created this adorable snowflake gift set. She created this gift set using some stencils from the Martha Stewart craft line, and the Martha Stewart DIY roller top bottle. I love coffee so I immediately fell in love with this craft project. This would be a great gift to make for your co-workers, or friends. Click here to see how Brittany made this great holiday themed craft. In case you are unable to find the tumbler at they store mentioned in their post, I have also seen these available at TJ Maxx and Ross for around $5.


December 2, 2011

The Winner of the 32 Color Metallic FolkArt Paint Set Is…

This week on Paint Me Plaid our giveaway prize we are giving away a 32 color FolkArt Glitter & Metallic paint set. Imagine all the creative possibilities you can create with this 32 color set. This set offers a wide array of beautiful iridescent colors in metals, pearls and gemstone finishes.

The winner of this wonderful prize pack is…


Shawna G.

(Winner has been contacted via email)

In case you did not win this week’s giveaway, don’t worry we will be announcing another giveaway shortly. Make sure you subscribe, and check back here on Paint Me Plaid daily, so you won’t miss out for your next chance to enter a great giveaway. Have a great weekend crafting :)