Make it Monday: Vibrant Jewelry Box

First off Plaid would like to wish everyone, Happy Labor Day! We sure hope you all are enjoying a little time off, and celebrating the end of summer. Whatever you are doing, we hope crafting are part of your plans. Here is a great last minute summer project you can create. Please feel free to switch up the FolkArt colors used, with other hues from us. This adorable project was made by one of our talented designers, Sherrie Ragsdale. This is an intermediate skill level project, and will take anywhere between 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete.

Supplies Needed:

FolkArt Acrylic Paints: 515 Vintage White, 413 Pink, 2553 Lime Green, 628 Pure Orange, 444 Patina, 516 Light Lavender, 938 Licoric

Plaid unfinished wooden box with double frames found at Walmart, Stencil Brush, Large Flat Brush, Medium Flat Brush, Small Flat Brush, Liner Brush, Masking Table, Tracing Paper, Pencil


1.  Tape off the top and Bottom portion on box leaving an inch space in between and then paint the center vintage white.

2.  Tape off the top portion of box and paint it patina and then tape off the bottom portion of box and paint lime green.  Allow to dry.

3.  Remove the top by unscrewing the hinges.  Remove the glass from frames.  Paint the top with lime green.  Allow to dry.  Paint the wooden frame inserts with patina.

4.  Add the dots and swirls using the liner brush dipped in vintage white.

5.  Add the pink stripe using the small flat brush.  Allow to dry.

6.  Trace the flower on all sides of box.  Trace the heart on the frame inserts.

7.  Paint the flower light lavender with an orange center.  Paint the heart light lavender.  Allow to dry.  Outline in licorice and add black oval dots in the center of the flower.

8.  Dry brush the flowers and the pink and vintage white center with licorice. Also the heart.

9.  To dry brush the center stripe, tape off first

One Comment to “Make it Monday: Vibrant Jewelry Box”

  1. Eager to try Martha’s brushes to create plaid designs on a photo frame of my grand daughters.

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